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D805691 Handle for grooming apparatus  
D805693 Floss dispenser  
D805688 Cosmetic pencil  
D805690 Hair clip  
D805694 Container for cosmetics  
D805689 Comb cleaning adaptor  
D805252 Razor handle  
D805253 Dental floss container  
D805251 Razor handle  
D805250 Combined hairdryer and dock  
D804727 Combined manicure soaking basin and support  
D804725 Hair styling apparatus  
D804188 Intelligent electric heating hair straightener  
D804723 Capsule for containing washing products  
D804726 Hair clip  
D804722 Capsule for containing washing products  
D804724 Diffusing nozzle for a hair-dryer  
D804096 Comb  
D804099 Cosmetic product container  
D804097 Flossing tool featuring an arcuate textured surface  
D804098 Facial tissue paper box stand plumage control apparatus  
D803683 Drinking cup lid and removable headband combination  
D804095 Shampoo drainage tray  
D804047 Curved light emitting hands free device  
D803481 Heart-shaped cosmetic case  
D803480 Self-hair clipper  
D803479 Blow dryer  
D803478 Eye cosmetic applicator  
D802841 Hair removing appliance  
D802843 Mesh ball  
D802840 Soap bar  
D802842 Safety razor handle  
D802210 Skin care applicator tip with a hatch  
D802211 Stand for light emitting hands free device  
D802213 Razor handle  
D802218 Card holder for teeth cleaning devices  
D802212 Razor handle  
D802215 Clipper head  
D802214 Clipper head  
D802219 Twin loop hair extension  
D801747 Capsule probe  
D802216 Clipper head  
D802217 Clipper head  
D801582 Lip balm stick product  
D801584 Container for cosmetic products  
D801583 Foot care device  
D800968 False eyelash support  
D800566 Bottle  
D800966 Container  
D800960 Shaving foam applicator