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D800386 Hair clipper housing with gripping formations  
D800385 Hairdryer attachment  
D800384 False eyelash applicator  
D800389 Pivot motor clipper  
D800388 Electric clipper  
D800387 Electric trimmer  
D799755 Lipstick case  
D799752 Electric trimmer  
D799294 Bottle opener comb  
D799753 Electric clipper  
D799754 Lipstick case  
D799751 Hair iron with removable clip  
D798732 Combined container and lid  
D799134 Extendable flatiron  
D799115 Applicator head  
D799118 Electric shaver  
D799116 Comb cutter  
D799117 Nit comb  
D798731 Combined container and lid  
D799119 Trainer hand  
D798501 Hair extension tube dispenser  
D798503 Hair iron  
D798504 Hair ornament  
D798429 Steamer for beauty treatment  
D798505 Electric nail file  
D798065 Bathing sponge handle  
D798502 Attachment for a hair appliance  
D797553 Cosmetics container  
D797996 Foot care device  
D797995 Hair ornament  
D797992 Three chamber pod  
D797993 Hair extension tube release tool  
D797991 Three chamber pod  
D797994 Hair curler  
D797375 Razor handle  
D797377 Lipstick packaging  
D797371 Cosmetic applicator  
D797374 Razor handle  
D797372 Razor  
D797376 Razor handle  
D797373 Razor handle  
D796747 Cosmetic box  
D796742 Beard comb  
D796745 Beard comb  
D796738 Hair fiber sprayer  
D796736 Capsule  
D796740 Beard comb  
D796739 Beard comb  
D796746 Makeup remover cloth  
D796743 Beard comb