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D757361 Hair dryer  
D757364 Hair cutting device housing  
D756565 Comb for body groomer  
D756566 Container  
D756567 Cosmetic compact  
D756127 Makeup brush  
D756036 Container  
D756037 Lip balm container  
D756033 Surface pattern for a cosmetic pad  
D755631 Fragrance bottle  
D756035 Nail polish bottle holder  
D756034 Cosmetic abrasion device  
D755442 UV fingernail curing lamp  
D754926 Shaver handle  
D754922 Cosmetics applicator  
D754925 Soap bar  
D754927 Shaver handle  
D754924 Soap bar  
D754928 Combined artificial nail and application tab  
D754863 Nail correction tool  
D754923 Multi-layered soap  
D754397 Depilatory device  
D754395 Cosmetic applicator  
D754402 Pair of compartments of a container  
D754400 Comb for grooming apparatus  
D754398 Rotary electric shaver  
D754401 Blotter holder  
D754399 Comb for grooming apparatus  
D754396 Hair styling apparatus  
D753881 Double sided tweezers  
D753878 Dryer handle  
D753882 Compact  
D753883 Atomizer bulb  
D753880 Hand dryer  
D753879 Comb for grooming apparatus  
D753342 Electric shaver  
D753230 Makeup applicator attachment  
D753341 Dispenser for cosmetics  
D753343 Cartridge for cosmetic device  
D752811 Electric shaver  
D752809 Soap bar  
D752810 Clipper with applied surface ornamentation  
D752812 Handheld callus remover  
D752813 Cosmetic container  
D752298 Animal massager  
D752292 Wall mounted back scratching device  
D752290 Cosmetics case  
D752291 Lip balm container  
D752289 Color organizer  
D752288 Soap bar