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D739981 Hard skin remover  
D739607 Cosmetic container  
D739603 Color blocking tape unit  
D739605 Razor handle  
D739606 Cosmetic container  
D739608 Back scratcher  
D739604 Razor handle  
D739080 Cosmetic device  
D739079 Combined container and curlers  
D739082 Cosmetic container  
D738611 Combination tweezer and knotter for beading  
D739077 Lipstick bullet  
D739078 Blowdryer attachment  
D739083 Lip enhancement and enlargement device  
D739084 Liquid lipstick package  
D739081 Mascara package  
D738571 Cosmetic case with face palette  
D738572 Two-compartment container  
D738045 Dental floss holder  
D738040 Double face hair barrette  
D738041 Safety razor  
D738044 Flossing device  
D738043 Skin removal device  
D738042 Electronic shaver  
D737516 Shaver  
D737519 Cartridge for cosmetic device  
D737510 Hair claw  
D737515 Shaver  
D737518 Cartridge for cosmetic device  
D737522 Lipstick case  
D737514 Electronic shaver  
D737521 Cosmetic compact  
D737517 Cosmetic device  
D737520 Attachment for cosmetic device  
D737513 Razor component  
D737512 Razor cartridge  
D737511 Razor cartridge connecting member  
D736998 Hair appliance  
D736999 Cosmetic sanding device  
D737000 Dental device  
D736468 Hinged cosmetic receptacle  
D736463 Hair accessory for voluminous hair  
D736462 Personal care device  
D736461 Set of three beard templates  
D736465 Three finger hair clip  
D736467 Clipper with applied surface ornamentation  
D736466 Razor handle  
D736464 Hair curler  
D735944 Ambidextrous glove  
D735941 Eyelash extension apparatus