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D773731 Combined cosmetic puff and sponge  
D773732 Soap bar  
D773734 Razor handle  
D773735 Portable interchangeable cosmetic compact  
D773730 Cosmetic applicator  
D773733 Hair band bracelet  
D773119 Hair waving apparatus  
D773118 Hair dryer  
D772578 Dental brush-flosser  
D773117 Soap bar  
D772486 Dental flosser  
D772481 Applicator  
D772484 Safety razor blade cartridge  
D772483 Electronic hair iron  
D772482 Soap bar  
D772485 Dental flosser  
D771871 Attachment for a nail care instrument  
D771872 Attachment for a nail care instrument  
D771868 Hairclip  
D771869 Hinged hair band bracelet  
D771870 Claw  
D771873 Cosmetic product container  
D771313 Electric hair removal device  
D771318 False eyelash  
D771317 Cosmetic container  
D771315 Hair clipper  
D771311 Hair pin  
D771310 Electric hair straightening comb  
D771314 Hair clipper  
D771312 Raised bow  
D771316 Flossing tool  
D770686 Hair ornament  
D770685 Cosmetic product container  
D770683 Toothpick  
D770684 Holder for hair styling tools  
D770682 Clipper with applied surface ornamentation  
D770681 Clipper  
D770094 Hair curler  
D770095 Flossing tool head  
D770093 Lice comb  
D770092 Multi-finger cosmetic applicator  
D770096 Mascara container  
D769527 Hair clip  
D769074 Triple tier rack  
D769529 Combined nail buffering device and cap  
D769532 Portion of a dental floss device  
D769525 Hair clip  
D769530 UV lamp for nail drying  
D769524 Hair iron  
D769526 Hair clip