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D782737 Hair comb  
D782730 Cosmetic applicator  
D782112 Hair curling band  
D782113 Hair ornament  
D782114 Hair ornament  
D782115 Housing for an electric hair clipper  
D782111 Hair comb  
D782110 Cosmetic applicator  
D781232 Docking device  
D781500 Dental flossing device  
D781496 Nail care instrument  
D781497 Nail care instrument without lid  
D781498 Skin treatment article  
D781501 Dental flossing device  
D781499 Combined skin treatment article and docking device  
D780994 Eyelid makeup applicator  
D780997 Foot file  
D780996 Hand dryer  
D780995 Hand dryer  
D780999 Shower wall mounted back and body washer  
D780998 Nail trimmer  
D780377 Headband  
D780375 Hair clip  
D780376 Head band  
D780374 Hair straightening and styling iron  
D779731 Razor cartridge  
D779734 Foot scrubber  
D779730 Razor cartridge  
D779729 Hair accessory  
D779732 Manicure drill bit  
D779736 Cosmetic box  
D779727 Dual chamber pod  
D779728 Portable curling iron  
D779733 Drill bit for calloused skin  
D779737 Lip balm dispenser  
D779735 Pedestal with coils for holding hair styling tools  
D779121 Razor cartridge  
D779119 Dual chamber pod  
D779120 Hairline gripping band  
D779117 Cosmetic spoon  
D779118 Dual chamber pouch  
D779124 Perfume atomizer  
D779122 Razor handle  
D779123 Clipper head  
D778498 Razor cartridge shaving aid assembly  
D778503 Container for lip balm  
D778499 Razor handle  
D778500 Razor handle  
D778495 Cosmetic applicator  
D778501 Hair rack