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D752289 Color organizer  
D752288 Soap bar  
D752293 Hair extension clip  
D752287 Applicator for applying a liquid to a surface  
D751762 Nail buffer  
D751764 Pedestal with coils for holding hair styling tools  
D751760 Hair cutting device housing  
D751759 Hair cutting device housing  
D751765 Holder  
D751761 Photocuring machine for nail painting  
D751766 Styling center  
D751763 Styling caddy  
D751758 Cosmetic apparatus  
D751255 Dreadlock hair extensions  
D751252 Shaver  
D751254 Cosmetic container  
D751253 Dual head pedicure device  
D750853 Washing machine for shavers  
D750838 Shaving device  
D750837 Tool for removing product from a container  
D750839 Shaving device  
D750840 Clipper  
D750383 Makeup brush  
D750841 Wall-mounted back scratcher  
D750326 Dental flosser  
D750325 Ergonomic hair trimmer  
D750327 Back scratcher  
D750324 Razor handle  
D750323 Hair removal device  
D750322 Electric hair dryer  
D749784 Razor handle  
D749783 Hair dryer tool  
D749729 Skin tag tweezer  
D749786 Hair clipper  
D749782 Lady bug soap bar maker  
D749785 Facial hair styler  
D749268 Shaver  
D749266 Razor handle  
D749264 Safety razor  
D749265 Shaving razor cartridge  
D749263 Lather machine  
D749267 Safety razor handle  
D748855 Braid puller comb  
D748857 Shaving head unit  
D748862 Hair clipper attachment comb with clip  
D748858 Two head dry shaver  
D748856 Razor cartridge  
D748865 Lip lacquer package  
D748860 Clipper with applied surface ornamentation  
D748861 Clipper