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D760435 Capsule containing washing products  
D759894 Grooming rack  
D759895 Cosmetic compact  
D759893 Nail polish hardening lamp  
D759891 Capsule for containing washing products  
D759897 Cosmetic container  
D759896 Cosmetic compact with window  
D759309 Hair cutting machine  
D759306 Hair curler  
D759308 Hair cutting machine  
D758867 Cosmetics container with see-through cap  
D759313 Facial cleansing pad  
D759221 Shower wall mounted back scrubber  
D759307 Combined motor housing and water tank for hair straightening apparatus  
D758866 Cosmetics container  
D758738 Cosmetic applicator  
D759314 Wall mounted styling station  
D759310 Handle of precision trimmer  
D758739 Cosmetic applicator  
D759312 Peelable nail file  
D759315 Lipstick case  
D759311 Abrasive skin treatment device  
D758663 Combined blade and handle of precision trimmer  
D758661 Grooming apparatus  
D758668 Cosmetic applicator  
D758659 Shaving head unit  
D758657 Hair dryer  
D758662 Grooming apparatus  
D758665 Hair clipper housing  
D758667 Wall-mounted coil for holding a hair dryer  
D758658 Motor housing for hair straightening apparatus  
D758666 Bow organizer  
D758660 Shaver  
D758664 Combined cover and handle of precision trimmer  
D758012 Hair dryer  
D758014 3-head dry shaver  
D758017 Body for shaver  
D758007 Eyeliner stencil  
D758010 Hair dryer  
D758009 Mascara guide  
D758021 Countertop styling station  
D758020 Children's personal sanitary wiping mitt  
D758016 Body groomer  
D757434 Cosmetics case  
D758008 Makeup sponge  
D758015 Shaver  
D758013 Hair straightener  
D758011 Hair dryer  
D758018 Shaver head  
D758019 Hand dryer