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D745740 Hair styling tool  
D745742 Lip balm container  
D745741 Photocuring machine for nail painting  
D745215 Razor handle  
D745216 Shaving device with cap  
D745214 Hair volumizing accessory  
D744758 Combination eyebrow brush, comb, and tweezer  
D745217 Shaving device with cap  
D744698 Container  
D744697 Cosmetic container  
D744162 Dosage packaging for washing agents  
D744163 Heater for permanent waves  
D744161 Eyelash enhancer, mascara applicator and mascara remover  
D744164 Travel razor  
D744166 Lipstick case  
D744165 Razor cartridge  
D744167 Lipstick case  
D743625 Scale for attachment to an electric hair trimmer  
D743624 Hair curler  
D743626 Shaving razor  
D743623 Hair coloring device  
D743102 Mascara container  
D743104 Hair extension device  
D743100 Soap bar  
D743103 Hair extension device  
D743101 Cosmetic container  
D742592 Wall-mounted coil for holding a hair dryer  
D742595 Hair extension device  
D742588 Cosmetic case  
D742589 Cosmetic applicator  
D742590 Makeup applicator  
D742594 Hair extension device  
D742593 Cosmetic container  
D742591 Hand dryer  
D742069 Manicure tool  
D742068 Fabric hair roller  
D742070 Compact  
D742071 Lipstick case  
D742067 Hair curling device  
D742072 Hair accessory  
D742066 Soap  
D741547 Scraper for nail art  
D741543 Hair strand coloring base panel  
D741068 Applicator  
D741546 Razor cartridge  
D741548 Luminaire  
D741549 Double lock hair extension system  
D741544 Hair dryer  
D741545 Hair dryer  
D741542 Cosmetic product