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D785243 Handle for hair curling iron  
D785249 Blade setter for electric clippers  
D785239 Bar of soap  
D785238 Cosmetics spatula  
D785245 Hair roller  
D785241 Accessory for a hairdryer  
D785246 Headband  
D785242 Hair styling apparatus  
D785240 Attachment for a hair appliance  
D785248 Razor cartridge  
D785247 Set of three goatee templates  
D784619 Electric hair clipper  
D784616 Arched backing strip for magnetic clip  
D784614 Accessory for a hairdryer  
D784620 Fingernail trimmer  
D784618 Electric hair clipper  
D784613 Skin care applicator  
D784617 Razor cartridge shaving aid assembly  
D784615 Tweezers for attaching false eyelashes  
D784612 Disposable hair lightening comb  
D783897 Rotating styler  
D783898 Hair styling iron  
D783900 Shaving razor  
D783903 Single blade nail clipper  
D783899 False eyelash dispenser  
D783902 Dual blade nail clipper  
D783268 Combination key ring and fragrance dispenser  
D783901 Tweezer  
D783204 Hair styling iron  
D783202 Single dose water-soluble capsule for cleaning products  
D783203 Three chamber pod  
D783205 Inflatable device primarily for flotation  
D782912 Cosmetic vessel  
D782735 Accessory for a hairdryer  
D782733 Hair appliance  
D782736 Accessory for a hairdryer  
D782739 Hair accessory  
D782734 Attachment for a hair appliance  
D782732 Hair appliance  
D782731 Hair appliance  
D782738 Depilatory device  
D782737 Hair comb  
D782730 Cosmetic applicator  
D782112 Hair curling band  
D782113 Hair ornament  
D782114 Hair ornament  
D782115 Housing for an electric hair clipper  
D782111 Hair comb  
D782110 Cosmetic applicator  
D781232 Docking device