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D776872 Heated hair roller base  
D776873 Hair removal device  
D776878 Shaving head  
D776874 Hair removing appliance  
D776556 Combined bracelet and hair retainer  
D776875 Razor head  
D776876 Shaving razor handle  
D776384 T shaped razor blade  
D776347 Epilator  
D776354 Lip balm container  
D775959 Dual chamber jar for lip product  
D776346 Multi-part joinable clip  
D776353 Back scrubber  
D776349 Clipper blade protector  
D776342 Applicator  
D776343 Eyeliner guide  
D776352 Hand dryer cover  
D776348 Shaving head  
D776350 Hand dryer  
D776341 Finger cosmetic applicator  
D776351 Hand dryer  
D776345 Dryer brush  
D776344 Body grooming collection device  
D775765 Toothpick  
D775763 Eyeliner stencil  
D775764 Hair dryer  
D775424 Device for applying nail decals  
D775423 Razor connector  
D775417 Hair dryer  
D775421 Claw  
D775416 Make-up applicator  
D775422 Safety razor  
D775426 Lip balm holder  
D775420 Hair holding band  
D774744 Pedicure sock  
D775419 Accessory for a hairdryer  
D775425 Collapsible pedestal for holding hair styling tools  
D775418 Accessory for a hairdryer  
D774695 Hair clip  
D774697 Cosmetic compact  
D774694 Hairstyling needle-tip tong  
D774696 Shaving razor  
D774254 Cosmetic case  
D774249 Detergent pouch  
D774253 Oral hygiene device  
D774252 Hairdryer  
D774251 Detergent pouch  
D774250 Detergent pouch  
D773731 Combined cosmetic puff and sponge  
D773732 Soap bar