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D863670 Dispenser for e-liquid  
D863667 Container with ashtray lid  
D863672 Electronic cigarette  
D863666 Electronic cigarette  
D863676 Vaping device tank  
D863665 Electronic cigarette  
D863677 Holder for smoker's accessories  
D863674 Aerosol generating device  
D863678 Apparatus to clean a smoking device  
D863673 Electronic cigarette  
D863668 Combination lighter and cigarette holder  
D863671 Water pipe  
D863675 Electronic cigarette  
D863669 Lighter  
D862792 Lighter  
D862793 Aerosol generating device  
D862794 Combined holder for tobacco or smoking product and lighter sleeve  
D862795 Cartridge tube  
D862791 Wrap for an electronic vaping device  
D861973 Electronic cigarette  
D861974 Arc lighter  
D861979 Snap-open preservation tube for tobacco and tobacco-like products  
D861975 Vaporizer device with cartridges  
D861595 Electronic cigarette battery  
D861976 Container for holding liquid for refilling an E-cigarette device  
D861977 Heat management unit for a hookah  
D861978 Electronic cigarette atomizer  
D861243 Apparatus to refill tobacco paper  
D861240 Electronic cigarette  
D861241 Smoking device  
D861242 Smoking device  
D861239 Electronic cigarette  
D860523 Case  
D860515 Snuff bags in a snuff box  
D860518 Lighter  
D860519 Vaping device  
D860516 Electronic cigarette  
D860522 Pod adapter  
D860517 Electronic cigarette  
D860520 Vaping device  
D860521 Smoking device  
D859735 Electronic cigarette  
D859736 Container for holding liquid for refilling an E-cigarette device  
D859734 Cigar lighter  
D859733 Ashtray  
D858867 Lighter  
D858866 Portable integrated fire striker with a telescoping bellows  
D858872 Case for a vaporizer cartridge  
D858869 Vaporizer cartridge  
D858868 Vaporizer cartridge