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D828953 Power supply device of electronic cigarettes  
D828952 Cartomizer for an electronic vaping device  
D828951 Lighter  
D828950 Arc lighter  
D828621 Electronic cigarette  
D828622 Electronic vaporizer  
D828623 Foil tank  
D827921 Personal vaporizer  
D827922 Electronic vaporizer  
D827566 Battery assembly  
D827923 Display jar  
D827920 Vaporizing assembly  
D827196 Container for holding liquid for refilling an E-cigarette device  
D827152 Disposable vial  
D827195 Electronic cigarette  
D826471 Electronic atomizer  
D826470 Smoking article  
D825837 Hand-held aerosol generator  
D825835 Vaporizer with indicators  
D825843 Smoking pipe  
D825455 Battery  
D825834 Electronic cigarette  
D825841 Microvaporizer cartridge and atomizer assembly  
D825836 Hand-held aerosol generator  
D825838 Hand-held aerosol generator  
D825840 Microvaporizer cartridge and atomizer assembly  
D825839 Smoking device  
D825842 Microvaporizer cartridge  
D825844 Cartridge for a vaporizer  
D825101 Smoking apparatus  
D825099 Electronic cigarette  
D825098 Vaporization device  
D825100 Gravity bong cap  
D825102 Vaporizer device with cartridge  
D825103 Electronic cigarette cartomizer  
D824504 Removable top for a portable vaporizer  
D824586 Vapor tube  
D824585 Personal vaporiser  
D823689 Bottle of liquid solutions for electronic cigarettes  
D824100 Dispenser for E-liquid  
D824096 Cartomizer  
D824093 Electronic vaporizer  
D824094 Lighter with cap  
D824099 Dispenser for E-liquid  
D824097 Dispenser for E-liquid  
D824098 Dispenser for E-liquid  
D823680 Packaging container  
D824095 Dispenser for e-liquid  
D824101 Dispenser for E-liquid  
D823536 Electronic cigarette