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D792643 Electronic cigarette  
D792644 Electronic vaping device  
D792646 Plug device  
D792645 Tank  
D792642 Vaporizer  
D792019 Tobacco stick  
D792021 Electronic cigarette  
D792020 Vaporizer  
D792022 Atomizer for electronic cigarettes  
D791403 Double cigar cutter  
D791402 Cigar cutter  
D790765 Electronic cigarette  
D790767 Plug device  
D790766 Electronic cigarette  
D790128 Cigarette holder  
D790123 Electronic cigarette  
D790126 Electronic cigarette  
D790124 Electronic cigarette  
D790127 Holder for vaporizers  
D790122 Electronic vaping device  
D790129 Case for an electronic cigarette  
D790125 Electronic cigarette  
D789599 Storage and rolling case  
D789598 Dry herb vaporizer  
D788697 Battery portion for a vaporizer  
D788364 Dry herb vaporizer  
D788363 Dry herb vaporizer  
D788362 Electronic cigarette  
D787740 Pocket ashtray  
D787114 e-Liquid dispensing accessory for refilling electronic cigarettes  
D786789 Charger for an electronic vaping device  
D786497 Inhalator  
D785859 Electronic cigarette  
D785864 Cigar and accessory holder  
D785861 Flameless electric lighter  
D785863 Cigarette cover  
D785860 Ashtray incorporating rest and ash knocker  
D785862 Electronic cigarette  
D785235 Hexagonal hookah bowl  
D785236 Hexagonal hookah bowl  
D785234 Sleeve for tar guide cotton of electronic cigarette  
D785237 Electronic cigarette  
D784606 Tobacco pouches  
D784611 Electronic hookah apparatus  
D784607 Tobacco pouches  
D784609 Electronic cigarette  
D784605 Tobacco pouch fleece  
D784608 Tobacco pouches  
D784602 Oral tobacco  
D784610 Vaporizer