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D758005 Cigar cutter  
D758003 Essential oil vaporizer  
D757997 Hookah  
D758004 Hand-held aerosol forming device  
D757358 Smokers' accessory  
D757353 Smoking device assembly  
D757359 Cigar cutter key chain  
D757357 Smoking pipe bowl having magnetically attached lid  
D757354 Lighter  
D757352 Electronic cigarette  
D757355 Hookah with smoke purge valve and stem tube assembly  
D757356 Electronic hookah bowl  
D756561 Container for pouches of smokeless tobacco  
D756563 Smoking accessory case  
D756564 End cap of a smoking article  
D756560 Container for pouches of smokeless tobacco  
D756562 Container for pouches of smokeless tobacco  
D756559 Electronic cigarette  
D756031 Electronic cigarette  
D756032 Cigar humidifier  
D756030 Electronic cigarette  
D755440 Pipe  
D755439 Water pipe  
D755441 Pair of connected cigar ends  
D754919 Mouthpiece  
D754915 Water pipe  
D754918 Smoking pipe  
D754913 Lighter  
D754916 Smoking pipe  
D754914 Water pipe  
D754917 Vaporizer  
D754921 Holder for cigarette paper  
D754920 Vanity smoking kit and accessory case  
D754391 Ashtray  
D754389 Smoking accessory  
Mouthpiece for a smoking article
D754394 Smoke pipe holder  
D754392 Water pipe  
D754390 Smoking accessory  
D753875 Cigar holder  
D753873 Electronic cigarette  
D753876 Magnetic tobacco article retainer  
D753877 Cigar cutter incorporating a bottle opener and keyring attachment  
D753871 Snuff pouches in a snuff box  
D753874 Electronic cigarette  
D753872 Smoking accessory  
D753337 Ashtray with lighter  
D753340 Personal vaporizer  
D753339 Personal vaporizer  
D753338 Electronic cigarette