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D802838 Opaque plastic cigar pack  
D802206 Electronic vaporizer  
D802209 Spiral shaped tip for use in rolled smoking articles  
D802208 Container  
D802207 Mouthpiece of a smoking article  
D801580 Cigar protective enclosure with liquid retention and dispensing device  
D801579 Holder for vape or atomizer  
D801507 Handheld vaporizer  
D801581 Dispenser for E-liquid  
D801578 Flower shaped ashtray  
D800383 Cartomizer for a vaporizer  
D800380 Portable vaporizer  
D800377 Electronic cigarette  
D800381 Atomizer for electronic cigarettes  
D800378 Snuffer tool  
D800379 Vape pen with a USB charger  
D800382 Electronic cigarette vaporizer  
D799741 Electronic cigarette  
D799691 Tray for a therapeutic vaporizer  
D799745 Electronic cigarette  
D799750 Cigarette machine holder  
D799742 Tipping paper  
D799749 Smoking tip device  
D799743 Electronic cigarette  
D799744 Electronic cigarette  
D799746 Personal vaporizer  
D799748 Smoking tip device  
D799747 Mouthpiece for an electronic cigarette  
D799111 Electronic cigarette  
D799110 Electronic cigarette  
D799114 Atomizer for electronic cigarettes  
D799108 Consumable cigarette with recessed mouthpiece filter  
D799113 Electronic cigarette  
D799112 Electronic cigarette  
D798500 Smoking accessory case  
D798499 Tank for electronic hookah  
D798497 Plastic insert for a smokeless cigarette  
D798498 Smoking bowl  
D797990 Electronic vaporizer  
D797370 Combined scoop and holder for rolling paper or cone  
D797369 Tobacco suction tool  
D797368 Electronic cigarette  
D796735 Mount apparatus for portable negative pressure apparatus  
D796021 Air filter housing  
D795642 Drinking apparatus  
D796113 Fuel cartridge  
D796112 Electronic cigarette  
D795495 Atomizing device  
D795496 Electronic cigarette  
D794246 Ring for holding a cigarette