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D775415 Snuff pouches in a snuff box  
D775412 Electronic cigarette  
D774693 Atomizer of electronic cigarette  
D774248 Combined electronic vaping device and charger  
D774247 Electronic cigarette  
D773727 Vaporizer  
D773728 Vaporizer  
D773729 Battery section of an electronic vaping device  
D773115 Charger for electronic cigarette  
D773116 Battery case for electronic cigarette  
D773113 Hookah  
D773114 Personal vaporizer  
D772477 Electronic cigarette  
D772479 Top cap for an electronic cigarette  
D772480 E-cigarette case  
D772478 Electronic cigarette atomizer  
D771866 Cigarette lighter with striped body  
D771865 Wrap for nicotine inhaler  
D771867 Personal vaporizer  
D771309 Dispenser for e-liquid  
D771307 Electronic cigarette  
D771308 Vaporizer  
D771219 Electric stun gun having an electric cigarette-shaped mouthpiece  
D770680 Case for an electronic cigarette  
D770676 Electronic cigarette  
D770679 Personal carrying case for electronic vaping devices  
D770678 Electronic cigarette  
D770677 Lighter  
D770091 E-liquid dispenser and bottle combination  
D770087 Rechargeable electronic cigarette  
D770088 Electronic hookah pod  
D770090 E-liquid dispenser and bottle combination  
D770089 E-liquid dispenser case  
D770086 Electronic smoking article  
D769721 E-liquid bottle  
D769521 Horizontal cigarette-making machine  
D769520 E-cigarette battery  
D769519 Electronic cigarette cartridge  
D769518 Electronic cigarette pole  
D768914 Electronic cigarette  
D768917 Vaporizer  
D768915 Electronic cigarette  
D768920 Dispenser for e-liquid  
D768511 Puck rub  
D768918 Dispenser for e-liquid  
D768331 Electronic cigarette  
D767819 Vaporizer  
D767818 Vaporizer  
D767821 Plastic cigar pack  
D767822 Cartomizer for an electronic vaping device