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D807577 Dispenser for E-liquid  
D806945 Water pipe  
D806943 Wickless atomizer  
D806941 E-vapor device including pre-sealed cartridge  
D806942 Electronic cigarette  
D806944 Hookah  
D806946 Smoker's utility holder  
D806310 Electronic cigarette  
D806312 Cigar training kit  
D806313 Smoker's combination tool  
D806311 Vaporizer device  
D805685 Electronic cigarette  
D805684 Electronic cigarette  
D805686 Vaping device  
D805687 Vaping device tank  
D805247 Combination lighter and cigar splitter  
D805248 Electronic cigarette atomizer  
D805246 Electronic cigarette  
D805028 Battery  
D805249 Cigar holder  
D804720 Control unit for vaporizing equipment  
D804718 Electronic cigarette vaporizer  
D804721 Container for pouches of smokeless tobacco  
D804717 Electronic cigarette  
D804719 Tobacco pipe  
D804092 Ash receptacle  
D804091 Electronic cigarette  
D804094 Cigar punch cutter  
D804090 Vaporizer with indicators  
D804093 Cigarette grinder  
D802997 Charcoal igniter  
D803476 Rolling paper  
D803475 Smokeless cigarette  
D803477 Combined smoking and drinking vessel  
Electronic smoking article
D802839 E-liquid dispensing accessory for refilling electronic cigarettes  
D802837 Snuff can holder  
D802834 Electronic cigarette  
D802835 Endcap for electronic cigarette  
D802836 Container for pouches of smokeless tobacco  
D802838 Opaque plastic cigar pack  
D802206 Electronic vaporizer  
D802209 Spiral shaped tip for use in rolled smoking articles  
D802208 Container  
D802207 Mouthpiece of a smoking article  
D801580 Cigar protective enclosure with liquid retention and dispensing device  
D801579 Holder for vape or atomizer  
D801507 Handheld vaporizer  
D801581 Dispenser for E-liquid  
D801578 Flower shaped ashtray