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D823534 Atomizer for electronic cigarette  
D823535 Microvaporizer cartridge  
D823537 Container for cannabis and tobacco  
D823533 Electric lighter  
D822898 Cigar storage tube  
D822592 E-cigarette battery  
D822895 Personal vaporizer  
D822894 Handheld smoking device  
D822897 Lighter  
D822896 Vaping device  
D822271 Vaporizer  
D821867 Protective case  
D822275 Cigar cutter  
D822274 Cigar cutter  
D822272 Personal vaporiser  
D822273 Electronic vaping device with response draw lighting  
D821639 Electronic cigarette  
D821305 Battery assembly  
D821640 Electronic cigarette  
D821641 Vaporizer tip  
D821028 Smoking article  
D820515 Mouthpiece for electronic cigarette cartomizer  
D820513 Water filter  
D820514 Vaping device  
D820516 Apparatus for filling and packing pre-formed conical cigarette wrappers  
D819881 Electronic cigarette  
D819884 Glass with integrated rests for tobacco products  
D819880 Electronic cigarette  
D819882 Electronic cigarette  
D819883 Glass with integrated rests for tobacco products  
D819263 Electronic cigarette with cartridge  
D819262 Electronic cigarette  
D819264 Cigarette tube  
D818946 Battery  
D818636 Electronic cigarette  
D818638 Electronic cigarette mouthpiece  
D818640 Tobacco box  
D818637 Electronic arc lighter  
D818639 Vaporizer  
D818635 Electronic cigarette  
D818195 Box for a snuff product  
D817541 Smoke cooling device  
D817543 Atomizer of electronic cigarette  
D817542 Cigarette lighter  
D817540 Tobacco suction tool cartridge  
D817544 Atomizer for electronic cigarette  
D816895 Electronic hookah  
D816266 Electronic cigarette  
D816025 Charger for an electric cigarette  
D816267 Vaporization device