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D682465 Vaporizer for e-cigarette  
D681875 Lighter  
D681267 Smoking apparatus  
D681269 Electronic cigarette case  
D681268 Electronic cigarette case  
D680684 Hookah tray  
D680683 Lighter wind protector  
D680682 Wrapper for smoking article  
D680262 Lighter-holder apparatus  
D680263 Tobacco pipe tool tote  
D679051 Lighter  
D679052 Hookah  
D678605 Pipe tamper  
D678604 Smoking and water pipe  
D678602 Cordless electronic lighter  
D678603 Lighter holder  
D677832 Cigar travel case  
D677428 Two finger smoking glove  
D677427 Smoking device adapter  
D677426 Ashtray with snuffer  
D677000 Charging electronic cigarette case  
D677001 Charging electronic cigarette case  
D676193 Lighter  
D675777 Electronic cigarette  
D674536 Set of oral tobacco articles  
D674539 Case for electronic cigarettes  
D674537 Set of oral tobacco articles  
D674538 Set of oral tobacco articles  
D674134 Oral tobacco article  
D674135 Cartoon kit of atomization electronic cigarette  
D673729 Striker  
D672084 Water-pipe skin  
D672085 Lighter  
D671677 Portable charging case for electronic cigarettes  
D671678 Portable charging case for electronic cigarettes  
8307833 Ashtray assembly  
An ashtray assembly for temporarily storing and containing rubbish, such as the ash and butts of cigarettes and cigars. In one aspect, the ashtray assembly can include a base assembly and an...
D670858 Storage receptacle for smoking material and/or a pipe  
D670025 Hookah hose holder  
D669631 Cigarette snubber  
D667994 Igniter  
D667993 Igniter  
D666355 Electronic cigarette with display  
D666356 Hookah  
D665529 Handheld cigarette making machine  
D665297 Convertible pipe earring  
D665528 Cigar lighter  
D665125 Golf-ball shaped ashtray  
D665126 Tabletop semi-automatic cigarette making machine  
D664709 Lighter  
D664710 Lighter