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D649701 Hookah base  
D649698 Hookah base  
D649700 Hookah base  
D649704 Hookah base  
D649707 Hookah base  
D649703 Hookah base  
D649708 Electronic cigarette  
D649697 Hookah base  
D649702 Hookah base  
D649709 Cigar holder  
D649705 Hookah base  
D649696 Hookah base  
D649706 Hookah base  
D649699 Hookah base  
D649285 Tobacco pipe reemer  
D649284 Container with bottom compartment  
D648892 Cigar holder  
D648891 Lighter clip  
D647247 Smoking pipe  
D646431 Smoking article filter  
D645200 Water pipe  
D645214 Compressed catnip cigar  
D644375 Electronic cigarette  
D643973 Filter tube injector  
D643972 Combined snuff box disposal lid and top lid  
D642733 Hookah  
D642735 Hookah  
D642734 Hookah  
D642330 Delivery device  
D642331 Hookah  
D638984 Smoking device  
D637757 Scissor cigar cutter  
D636932 Smoking article pack  
D636930 Lighter  
D636931 Smoking article pack  
D636530 Lighter  
D636119 Holder for lighter and cigarette  
D635714 Match holding cigarette box  
D635713 Lighter  
D634891 Smoking device  
D634890 Lighter with holding component  
D634889 Lighter  
D634892 Cigarette pack  
D634065 Mouthpiece for a smoking device  
D634064 Hookah  
D632841 Hookah stem-plate assembly  
D632425 Hookah base  
D632426 Hookah bowl  
D632010 Smoking system case  
D631191 Lighter shell