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D663891 Lighter  
D663890 Lighter  
D663892 Cover for lighter  
D663476 Cigar holding clip  
D662655 Lighter holder and tool  
D662411 Packaging  
D662654 Funnel for water pipe  
D662257 Electronic cigarette with control  
D661835 Fire starter  
D661015 Multifunction smoking and drinking tool  
D661016 Cigarette package  
D660512 Smoking pipe  
D659901 Tabletop cigarette making machine  
D658807 Water pipe mouthpiece  
D658329 Cigar accessories holder and ashtray  
D657909 Cigarette holding and snuffing device  
D657494 Knock box  
D657091 Smoking article  
D656094 Portable backup power box of electronic cigarette  
D655036 Electronic cigarette  
D653802 Smoking article  
D653535 Packaging  
D653803 Electric cigarette and cigar  
D653390 Smoking article  
D653127 Tobacco can  
D653391 Lighter  
D652987 Smoking article  
8097442 Laccases, nucleic acids encoding them and methods for making and using them  
The invention provides laccases, polynucleotides encoding these enzymes, the methods of making and using these polynucleotides and polypeptides.
D652571 Pipe with expansion chamber  
D652164 Cigar and cigarette holder  
D651923 Tobacco can bottom and insert combination  
D651740 Cigarette receptacle  
D651338 Smoking article filter  
D651337 Modular smoking implement  
D650520 Electric pipe  
D649701 Hookah base  
D649698 Hookah base  
D649700 Hookah base  
D649704 Hookah base  
D649707 Hookah base  
D649703 Hookah base  
D649708 Electronic cigarette  
D649697 Hookah base  
D649702 Hookah base  
D649709 Cigar holder  
D649705 Hookah base  
D649696 Hookah base  
D649706 Hookah base  
D649699 Hookah base  
D649285 Tobacco pipe reemer