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D710537 Match holder  
D710052 Hookah body  
8770205 Cigar holder  
A cigar holder for securing a wide variety of differently shaped cigars to a variety of different mounting locations.
D707389 Tobacco vaporizer  
D706976 Electronic cigarette case  
D704629 USB charger for electronic cigarette  
D703374 Tobacco box  
D702876 Tobacco vaporizer  
D702398 Storage receptacle assembly for smoking material and/or a pipe  
D700994 Electronic cigarette pack  
D700739 Charging unit assembly  
D700738 Charging unit assembly  
D700397 Charging unit assembly  
D700396 Holder assembly for smoking  
D700399 Cigarette-making machine  
D700398 Cigarette making machine hopper  
D699391 Hand-held aerosol generator  
D698993 Cigar cutter  
D696815 Hand-held aerosol generator  
D696455 Hand-held aerosol generator  
D695956 Door and window stoppers  
D695449 Electronic smoking article  
D695450 Portable pen sized herb vaporizer  
D694468 Electronic smoke device  
D693962 Lighter  
D693964 E-cigarette case  
D693963 Container and smoking pipe assembly  
D693961 Oral snuff pouch  
D693053 Electronic smoke device  
D693054 Closed carrying case for electronic cigarette  
D693055 Charging unit assembly  
D692616 Cigarette rolling machine  
D692613 Cigarette filter tip  
D692615 Open carrying case for electronic cigarette  
D692612 Electronic cigarette battery  
D692614 Electronic vapor cigarette holder  
D692177 Cigar and accessories preformed carrying case  
D691766 Mouthpiece of a smoking article  
D691768 Tabletop cigarette making machine and hopper assembly  
D691765 Electronic smoking article  
D691767 Smokeless tobacco carrier with spittoon  
D691324 Electronic cigarette  
D690461 Portable box with electronic cigarettes  
D690460 Cigar spill  
D690002 Portable handheld vaporizing device  
D688418 Charging electronic cigarette case  
D688415 E-cigarette  
D688417 Electronic hookah  
D688416 Electronic cigarette device  
D687999 Electronic cigarette with water base