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D726366 Hookah pipe head  
D726365 Mouthpiece plug for electronic cigarette  
D726364 Cartomizer plug for electronic cigarette  
D726367 Hookah cap  
D725823 Electronic cigarette container  
D725822 Electronic cigarette  
D725821 Electronic vaporizing device  
D725310 Vaporizer  
D724781 Inhaler  
D724778 Oral product  
D724779 Electronic cigarette  
D724780 Electronic cigarette  
D724783 Electronic hookah  
D724782 Electronic smoking device  
D724263 Electronic smoking device  
D724262 Inhaler  
D724265 Portable vaporizer chamber  
D724264 Electronic cigarette  
D723738 Electronic cigarette case  
D723735 Electronic cigarette case  
D723732 Herb heating chamber  
D723733 Electronic cigarette case  
D723734 Electronic cigarette case  
D723736 Electronic cigarette case  
D723737 Electronic cigarette case  
D723215 Electronic smoke device  
D723216 Electronic smoke device  
8955521 Smoking apparatus  
A smoking apparatus is disclosed herein for use in the consumption of liquefied herbs or resins. The invention utilizes a thermal tip with an orifice disposed therein, wherein the thermal tip is...
D722720 Device for water pipe  
D722722 Smoking device adapter  
D722721 Smoking device adapter  
D722196 Electronic smoking article  
D721202 Electronic cigarette  
D720883 Atomizer  
D720884 Electronic cigarette case  
D720881 Electronic cigarette  
D720882 Atomizer  
D720496 Vaporizer  
D720497 Vaporizer  
D720499 Portable electrically powered vaporization chamber  
D720498 Golf ball shaped ashtray  
D720095 Mini vaporizer  
D720094 Vaporizer  
D719701 Case for multiple electronic cigarettes  
8905039 Cigar holder  
A device for holding a cigar relative to a supporting object, the device including a receiver adapted to receive the cigar with a loose fit and a clamp for releasably attaching the receiver to the...
D718493 Electronic cigarette holder  
D718492 Atomizer  
D717994 Spoon vaporizer  
D717488 Lighter  
D716997 Herbal vaporizer