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D747548 Electronic cigarette tank  
D747544 Personal vaporizer  
D747035 Electronic cigar  
D747037 Tobacco grinding, sorting, and loading device  
D747036 Match with flag attachment  
D746656 Abrasive sharpener with a fire starter  
D746512 Glider bowl  
D745995 Hookah head  
D745994 Hookah bowl  
D745738 Hookah bowl  
D745739 Electronic hookah  
D745213 Combined electric lighter and vaporizer  
D745212 Electronic hookah bowl  
D744696 E-cigarette mouthpiece  
D744419 Charging device for electronic vaporization device  
D744160 Snuff box  
D744159 Electronic cigarette stand  
D743622 Vaporizer body  
D743098 Smoking pipe  
D743097 Electronic smoking article  
D743099 Vaporizer  
D742585 Snuffer tool  
D742586 Snuffer tool  
D742584 Torch base with ash tray and storage  
D742587 Hookah  
D742061 Lighter  
D742065 Personal vaporizer compartment cover  
D742064 Personal vaporizer compartment cover  
D742063 Lighter  
D742062 Lighter  
D741540 Smoking tip device  
D741541 Frame of electronic cigarette case  
D741001 Nozzle  
D741002 Electronic cigarette case  
D741003 Cigarette rolling device  
D740488 Atomizer  
D739979 Vacuum pipe kit  
D739601 E-hookah mouthpiece  
D739598 Smoking accessory  
D739600 Lighter sleeve  
D739602 Foldable cigarette rolling tray  
D739597 Smoking accessory  
D739599 Electronic cigarette atomizer  
D739076 Combined grinder and reservoir  
D739075 Combined grinder and reservoir  
D739074 Snuffer tool  
D738566 Electronic smoking article  
D738567 Electronic smoking article  
D738570 Combined cigarette pack and lighter holder  
D738568 Snuffer tool