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D762002 Electronic hookah bowl  
D761999 Electronic cigarette  
D761487 Smoking device  
D761488 Ashless tray  
D760947 Inhaler  
D760952 Electronic cigarette tank with fill port and plug  
D760949 Ashtray with lighter  
D760948 Vaporizer  
D760491 Universal holder for an electronic smoking device  
D760951 Snuffer tool  
D760950 Snuffer tool  
D760429 Vaporizer  
D760432 Pipe tamper and bore cleaner combination  
D760431 Electronic cigarette case  
D760428 Cigarette lighter  
D760430 Hookah capsule  
D759890 Portable ashtray  
D759303 Vaporizer  
D759300 Cigarette lighter top with extendable and rotatable tip  
D759298 Lighter  
D759297 Electronic cigarette  
D759296 Hand-held aerosol generator  
D759299 Lighter  
D759304 Cigarette lighter with striped body  
D759301 Hookah  
D759302 Vaporizer  
D759305 Novelty smoking accessory  
D758654 Tobacco combustor  
D758652 Lighter  
D758648 Electronic vaporization device  
D758647 Electronic cigarette  
D758649 Electronic cigarette  
D758651 Electronic smoking device  
D758656 Hand-held aerosol forming device  
D758655 Hand-held aerosol forming device  
D758650 Electronic cigarette device  
D758653 Cigarette lighter holder with clip  
D758002 Hookah component  
D757995 Electronic cigarette  
D758000 Hookah component  
D758001 Hookah component  
D757999 Hookah  
D757998 Hookah  
D757996 Atomizer connecting piece  
D758006 Cigar cutter  
D757994 Electronic cigarette  
D758005 Cigar cutter  
D758003 Essential oil vaporizer  
D757997 Hookah  
D758004 Hand-held aerosol forming device