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D754913 Lighter  
D754916 Smoking pipe  
D754914 Water pipe  
D754917 Vaporizer  
D754921 Holder for cigarette paper  
D754920 Vanity smoking kit and accessory case  
D754391 Ashtray  
D754389 Smoking accessory  
Mouthpiece for a smoking article
D754394 Smoke pipe holder  
D754392 Water pipe  
D754390 Smoking accessory  
D753875 Cigar holder  
D753873 Electronic cigarette  
D753876 Magnetic tobacco article retainer  
D753877 Cigar cutter incorporating a bottle opener and keyring attachment  
D753871 Snuff pouches in a snuff box  
D753874 Electronic cigarette  
D753872 Smoking accessory  
D753337 Ashtray with lighter  
D753340 Personal vaporizer  
D753339 Personal vaporizer  
D753338 Electronic cigarette  
D753336 Electronic smoke device  
D752806 Wind resistant lighter sleeve  
D752808 E-cigarette pack  
D752807 Therapeutic vaporizer  
D752282 Electronic cigarette casing  
D752283 Electronic cigarette casing  
D752285 Electronic cigarette casing  
D752278 Battery portion of a vaporizer  
D752277 Electronic cigarette  
D752284 Electronic cigarette casing  
D752280 Cartomizer for a vaporizer  
D752279 Electronic cigarette  
D752286 Electronic cigarette casing  
D752281 Vaporizer adapter  
D751755 Device for supporting an electronic cigarette  
D751757 Electronic cigarette holder  
D751754 Ashtray  
D751756 Container for simulated cigarettes  
D751249 Electronic smoke device  
D751251 Electronic vapor kit  
D751250 Electronic cigarette holder ring  
D750836 Smoking cup  
D750835 Electronic cigarette  
D750834 Electronic cigarette  
D750321 Smoking device  
D750320 Vaporizer  
D749780 Mouthpiece of a smoking article