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D779691 Headlamp for a bicycle  
D779704 Table lamp  
D779698 Ceiling lamp  
D779713 Insulated hanger for a lighting system  
D779695 Light fixture for model airplane  
D779716 Vehicle fog lamp bezel cover  
D779701 Luminaire  
D779694 Portable light  
D779696 Lighting fixture  
D779717 Cordless LED lamp  
D779312 Hanging bracket  
D779692 Headlight  
D779715 Right angle power bar suspender for a lighting system  
D779709 LED lens  
D779703 Horticulture grow light  
D779702 Circular induction lamp fixture  
D779690 Headlamp for a bicycle  
D779712 W-shaped bar connector for a lighting system  
D779705 Table lamp  
D779711 Lighting fixture trim  
D779693 Vehicle head lamp  
D779706 Table lamp  
D779699 Edge lit recessed linear fixture in ceiling  
D779714 Insulated hanger with a cover for a lighting system  
D779718 Cordless LED lamp  
D779700 Recessed luminaire  
D779697 LED luminaire having a mounting system  
D779707 Tapered flameless candle  
D779708 Lighting fixture  
D779689 Light source  
D779710 Billboard optic  
D779113 Parallel power bar suspender for a lighting system  
D779110 Lamp  
D779107 Luminaire  
D779104 Luminaire  
D779106 Luminaire  
D779088 Accent lamp  
D779101 Luminaire  
D779099 Luminaire  
D779095 Work light  
D779089 Headlight for a vehicle  
D779102 Light fixture  
D779052 Ceiling fan housing with light fixture  
D779098 Laser light  
D779091 Taillight for a vehicle  
D779103 Lighting fixture  
D779096 Work light  
D779093 Ceiling fan light  
D779105 Luminaire  
D779090 Headlight for a vehicle