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D805245 Vehicle light guard  
D805238 Lighting fixture  
D805237 Lighting fixture  
D805229 Taillight for a vehicle  
D805227 Headlight for a vehicle  
D805241 Light fixture  
D805243 Housing for luminaire  
D805239 Luminaire  
D805224 Pair of off-road vehicle headlamps  
D804933 Support mount  
D805235 Lamp  
D805244 Light guide  
D805232 Lamp  
D805230 Vehicle headlight  
D805234 Luminaire with a continuous lens  
D805174 Ceiling fan  
D805240 Driver housing  
D805228 Taillight for a vehicle  
D805236 Solar powered light  
D805233 Lighting fixture  
D805226 Front combination lamp for an automobile  
D805242 Housing for luminaire  
D805225 Vehicle driving light  
D805231 Flood light  
D804708 Light fixture  
D804630 Ceiling fan  
D804710 Horticulture grow light  
D804694 Elliptical light fixture  
D804633 Ceiling fan  
D804698 LED work light  
D804690 Motion sensor light bulb  
D804692 Automobile headlight  
D804286 Support mount  
D804646 Ceiling fan housing with light fixture  
D804691 Vehicle tail light  
D804716 Lighting fixture  
D804696 Tactical flashlight  
D804712 LED display screen with a quick installation structure  
D804634 Ceiling fan  
D804285 Support mount  
D804689 Light bulb  
D804702 Lighting fixture  
D804715 Landscape light  
D804714 Lighting assembly mounting member  
D804635 Ceiling fan  
D804713 Cylindrical decorative element for a lamp  
D804639 Ceiling fan  
D804631 Ceiling fan  
D804707 Light fixture  
D804693 Taillight for a vehicle