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D776841 Vehicle front headlamp  
D776852 Illumination device  
D776836 Lamp  
D776856 Pendant lamp  
D776838 Vehicle taillight  
D776862 Light fixture  
D776844 Light for a vehicle  
D776851 Lighting fixture  
D776665 Light guide frame  
D776847 Vehicle daytime running lamp  
D776861 Light fixture  
D776843 Vehicle front headlamp  
D776865 Vehicle fog lamp bezel  
D776855 Lighting fixtures  
D776860 Lamp  
D776837 Headlight for a motor vehicle grille  
D776864 Vehicle daytime running lamp bezel  
D776846 Vehicle rear taillamp  
D776839 Tail lamp bezel  
D776863 Vehicle daytime running lamp bezel  
D776854 Line lamp  
D776858 LED area lighting fixture  
D776853 Lighting fixture  
D776845 Light for a vehicle  
D776835 LED lighting module  
D776842 Bicycle light  
D776666 Curved light guide frame  
D776840 Head lamp of car  
D776849 Table with illuminating perimeter  
D776857 Lighting fixture  
D776859 Area luminaire  
D776848 Power supply for a flashlight  
D776866 Vehicle fog lamp bezel  
D776850 Lamp  
D776318 Table lamp  
D776325 Downlight luminaire  
D776336 Lamp  
D776319 Lamp  
D776314 Light bar  
D776326 LED light fixture  
D776323 Security light  
D776305 Horizontal LED lamp  
D776306 Lamp  
D776333 Light guide  
D776331 LED lighting sheet with surface pattern  
D776329 Light fixture  
D776307 Lamp  
D776334 Edge-lit light guide  
D776311 Head lamp for automobile  
D776324 LED recessed light apparatus