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D793608 Light fixture  
D793615 Electric candle  
D792991 Vehicle Taillight  
D792992 Rear light for a vehicle  
D792994 LED headlight  
D792988 LED mining lamp  
D793000 Cylindrical housing for a modular lighting system  
D793001 Mold for packaging semiconductor light emitting device  
D792996 Sensor floodlight  
D792993 Headlight for vehicles  
D792990 Vehicle headlamp  
D792989 Rear combination lamp for automobile  
D793003 Mounting arm  
D792997 Floodlight  
D793002 Mold for packaging semiconductor light emitting device  
D792995 Portable light  
D792999 Light fixture  
D792998 Light fixture  
D792621 Rear combination lamp for an automobile  
D792635 Horticulture grow light  
D792624 Vehicle taillight  
D792638 Light diffuser  
D792620 Vehicle taillight  
D792622 Light for vehicle  
D792633 Light fixture  
D792618 Vehicle taillight  
D792623 Light  
D792640 LED optical lens  
D792629 Ceiling lamp  
D792631 Ring shaped light fixture  
D792616 Lightbulb  
D792627 Luminaire  
D792639 LED optical lens  
D792634 Electronic candle having a top scent container and an electric cord  
D792628 Luminaire  
D792641 Adaptor  
D792632 Lighting fixture  
D792630 Light fixture  
D792619 Vehicle taillight  
D792617 Aircraft wingtip position light  
D792625 Flashlight  
D792636 Hood reflector for light fixture  
D792637 Light socket cover  
D792626 Lighting fixture  
D791986 Portion of a vehicle headlight  
D791992 Portable light  
D792013 Decorative lamp  
D791985 Vehicle headlight  
D791987 Vehicle headlight  
D792002 Pendant billiard luminaire