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D817537 Light fixture  
D817525 Wax candle vessel  
D817529 Portable light with movable and lockable handles  
D817532 Head of a street lamp  
D817523 LED-based light tube  
D817535 Explosion-proof lamp  
D817539 Lighting apparatus  
D817526 Curved light assembly  
D817524 Pendant lamp  
D817530 Combination light and tray  
D817534 Lighting apparatus  
D817528 Flashlight with magnet  
D817536 Wall luminaire  
D817533 LED street light  
D817538 Decorative light  
D816676 Canopy for a ceiling fan  
D816873 Lamp unit for a projector  
D816875 Headlight for cars  
D816894 Lighting fixture  
D816874 Decorative light string  
D816889 Track assembly for lights  
D816883 Light-emitting diode wall lamp  
D816890 Light projector  
D816877 Motion activated toilet night light  
D816882 Lamp  
D816880 Light-emitting diode wall lamp  
D816878 Luminaire  
D816871 Bulb lens  
D816886 Projection lamp  
D816891 Housing for a light fixture  
D816893 Reversible lampholder  
D816872 Holder for dispenser element and candle  
D816892 LED light panel  
D816885 Lamp  
D816876 Working lamp  
D816884 Lamp  
D816881 Lamp  
D816888 Lighting fixture  
D816887 Lamp  
D816879 LED wallpack luminaire  
D816255 Outdoor luminaire  
D816250 Solar lamp  
D816204 Ceiling fan  
D816256 Fire proof recessed light fixture  
D816252 Light  
D816247 Vehicle light  
D816251 Flashlight  
D816265 Docking station for luminaire arrangements  
D816264 Organizer base for a lamp  
D816260 Cover for recessed light fixture