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D824577 Translucent octopus-shaped nightlight  
D824554 Vehicle tail light  
D824572 Light fixture  
D824580 Table lamp  
D824584 Housing for LED-based lighting apparatus  
D824583 Reflective lighting fixture  
D824570 Light fixture  
D824553 Motorcycle taillight  
D824573 Light fixture  
D824563 Light fixture  
D824575 Light  
D824581 Light fixture  
D824582 Lampshade  
D824569 Light fixture  
D824560 Light box  
D824548 LED tube light fixture  
D824576 Electric candle  
D824568 Recessed lighting fixture  
D824551 Multiple colored light emitting diode cluster for a holiday light string  
D824555 Headlight for a vehicle  
D824571 Light fixture  
D824558 Combination ceiling fan motor housing and light kit  
D824566 Suspended round luminaire  
D824546 Lightbulb  
D824578 Lighting device  
D824547 Lighting bulb  
D824078 Lamp  
D824072 Skull with flickering light  
D824088 Light guide  
D824075 Luminaire  
D824054 Vehicle headlight  
D824058 Head lamp for an automobile  
D824062 Clip-on light  
D824068 LED lamp  
D824070 Landscape light  
D824081 Lighting device  
D824060 Flashlight  
D824083 Lighting fixture  
D824059 Headlamp assembly  
D824087 Light emitting sheet  
D824055 Front fog light for a vehicle  
D824071 Road lighting luminaire  
D824085 Light emitting sheet  
D824052 Vehicle LED bulb  
D824080 Variable modular light  
D824082 Luminaire  
D824063 Compact light  
D824066 Light projector  
D824091 Lighting fixture component  
D824065 LED lamp