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D797362 LED optical lens  
D797349 Ballast room cover for a light fixture  
D797364 LED optical lens  
D797337 Table lamp  
D797344 Lighting device  
D797366 LED optical lens  
D797328 Light bar optical lens  
D797325 Tail lamp  
D797334 Spotlight  
D797346 Light fixture  
D796703 Light  
D796715 Vehicle headlight  
D796704 Space-saving slim LED bulb  
D796706 Vehicle headlight  
D796702 Light bulb housing  
D796711 Rear combination lamp for a motor vehicle  
D796716 Vehicle headlight  
D796719 Wallpack light  
D796725 Portable night light  
D796660 Combination ceiling fan and light fixture  
D796717 Laser pointer  
D796710 Surface mount light  
D796705 Wireless strand speakers with additional lighting feature  
D796732 Light fixture  
D796724 Light fixture  
D796730 Pendants for light fixtures  
D796731 Pendants for light fixtures  
D796726 Lamp  
D796707 LED night-light  
D796714 Vehicle taillamp  
D796721 Luminaire  
D796713 Vehicle taillamp  
D796734 Power bar for sconce  
D796723 Light fixture  
D796727 Horticulture grow light housing  
D796722 Mining lamp  
D796729 Pendants for light fixtures  
D796712 Vehicle headlamp  
D796733 Lighting module  
D796708 Vehicle back light  
D796709 Vehicle headlight  
D796728 Light fixture  
D796718 Portable searchlight  
D796701 LED plug lamp  
D796720 Light fixture  
D796079 LED lamp  
D796109 Light fixture  
D796094 LED fog lamp  
D796095 Vehicle lamp  
D796083 LED lamp