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D827878 LED light  
D827165 LED working lamp for a vehicle  
D827192 LED light engine  
D827184 Luminaire  
D827174 LED housing  
D827190 Portable lamp  
D827161 LED lamp  
D827167 Light bar  
D827177 Light fixture  
D827187 Luminaire  
D827180 Light-emitting diode wall lamp  
D827185 Lamp  
D827189 Combined electronic candle array and magnetic charging tray assembly  
D827163 Light bulb filament  
D827169 Taillight for a motor vehicle  
D827173 Street lantern  
D827166 Rear light for a vehicle  
D827186 Lamp  
D827172 Street lantern  
D827179 Light-emitting diode panel lamp  
D827164 Light bulb filament  
D827171 Street lantern  
D827182 Lighting apparatus  
D827178 Light fixture  
D827162 LED lamp  
D827191 Lamp  
D827175 Laser light  
D827188 Light fixture  
D827168 Headlight for a motor vehicle  
D827183 Light fixture  
D827193 Light fixture  
D827170 Work light  
D827176 Laser light  
D827194 Light fixture  
D827181 Daisy light  
D826436 Rear light for a motor vehicle  
D826454 Fixture for a lighting system  
D826438 Rear combination lamp for a vehicle  
D826435 Vehicle rear taillamp  
D826437 Headlamp for a vehicle  
D826444 Street lantern  
D826448 Lamp  
D826466 Light fixture  
D826431 Interface for an electronic unit  
D826467 Light fixture  
D826432 LED lamp  
D826463 Lamp  
D826394 Ceiling fan housing with light kit  
D826453 Fixture for a lighting system  
D826073 Motion detector