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D803459 Edgelit garage luminaire  
D803457 Lighting fixture  
D803440 Lantern  
D803471 Adjustable pool light  
D803427 LED module with twist lamp and lock feature  
D803446 Flashlight  
D803431 Rear combination lamp for an automobile  
D803458 Lighting fixture  
D803460 Bay luminaire  
D803469 OLED lighting  
D803464 Lighting fixture  
D803454 Linear luminaire  
D803437 Headlamp for an automobile  
D803444 Flashlight  
D803473 Powerbar assembly for a lighting system  
D803466 Light-emitting diode floor lamp  
D803456 Solar wall lamp  
D803430 LED bulb for vehicle  
D803455 Edge-lit luminaire strip  
D803472 Light emitting sheet with surface pattern  
D803436 LED bed light  
D803445 Flashlight  
D803470 Light protector  
D803439 Automobile taillight  
D803465 Multiple faceted light  
D803451 Outdoor luminaire  
D803467 Lighting device  
D803434 Headlight for a vehicle  
D803461 Lamp  
D803462 Table lamp  
D803463 Table lamp  
D803441 Flashlight  
D803447 Flashlight  
D803380 Ceiling fan  
D803433 Headlamp for an automobile  
D803428 LED lighting device  
D803429 Trucklight  
D803449 Floodlight  
D803450 LED table lamp  
D803432 Headlamp for an automobile  
D803474 Canopy for light fixtures  
D803448 Light fixture  
D802807 Faceplate  
D802811 Automobile headlight  
D802824 Lighting fixture  
D802821 Lighting fixture  
D802817 Light fixture  
D802827 Housing for a lighting system  
D802822 Lighting fixture  
D802831 Horticulture grow light