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D800934 Lamp  
D800943 Door light  
D800940 Lamp for outdoor use  
D800950 Modular LED light housing for pole mounting  
D800929 Electronic pillar candle with matrix flame  
D800938 Oblong light fixture  
D800931 Vehicle fog light  
D800942 LED wall light  
D800935 Lamp with socket  
D800955 Optical device for modifying light distribution  
D800952 Flood light  
D800959 Light fixture  
D800928 LED lamp  
D800937 Lamp  
D800891 Ceiling fan  
D800941 Mini-flood light  
D800953 Floor lamp  
D800936 Light system  
D800927 Light fixture  
D800945 Modular LED light housing with a trunnion mounting  
D800951 Modular LED light housing for wall mounting  
D800939 Chargeable working light  
D800930 Trailer lamp  
D800954 Lamp  
D800958 Light fixture  
D800944 Pendant for light fixture  
D800933 Auxiliary lamp for a vehicle  
D800948 Modular LED light housing for rigid surface mounting  
D800956 Dimpled trim for a recessed luminaire  
D800957 Housing for LED luminaire  
D800932 Taillight assembly for a vehicle  
D800946 Modular LED light housing for tennon mounting  
D800359 LED tube light  
D800363 Spotlight  
D800364 Flag pole light  
D800357 LED lamp  
D800366 Linear light fixture  
D800370 Light fixture  
D800367 Lighting fixture  
D800354 LED lamp  
D800368 Light fixture  
D800375 Housing for luminaire  
D800372 Lamp with hourglass globe  
D800376 Light emitting diode (LED) module for a lighting device  
D800373 Lamp  
D800361 Front bicycle light  
D800362 Pistol mounted light  
D800365 Modular LED light housing for canopy mounting  
D800358 LED single twin-tube light bulb  
D800374 Housing for LED-based lighting apparatus