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D794234 Flashlight  
D794228 Warmer  
D793611 Hanging lamp  
D793609 Light fixture  
D793601 Area light fixture  
D793595 Glowstick  
D793596 Light  
D793603 Linear module hinged luminaire  
D793610 Luminaire  
D793593 Head lamp  
D793616 Light fixture  
D793600 Exterior light  
D793590 Vehicle rear taillamp  
D793612 Light fixture  
D793613 Nightlight  
D793614 Window taper candle  
D793594 Stick bar light  
D793602 Lighting fixture  
D793607 Prism shaped light fixture  
D793589 Surface mount light  
D793586 LED retrofit bulb  
D793597 Flashlight  
D793587 Wick and candle holder  
D793604 Lighting panel  
D793618 Mold for packaging semiconductor light emitting device  
D793598 Electric lamp  
D793617 Housing for a LED-based lighting apparatus  
D793619 Lighting fixture  
D793592 Head lamp  
D793588 Faceplate  
D793585 LED bulbs  
D793599 Landscape accent light  
D793605 Chandelier  
D793606 Wall pack light fixture with lens  
D793591 Vehicle rear taillamp  
D793608 Light fixture  
D793615 Electric candle  
D792991 Vehicle Taillight  
D792992 Rear light for a vehicle  
D792994 LED headlight  
D792988 LED mining lamp  
D793000 Cylindrical housing for a modular lighting system  
D793001 Mold for packaging semiconductor light emitting device  
D792996 Sensor floodlight  
D792993 Headlight for vehicles  
D792990 Vehicle headlamp  
D792989 Rear combination lamp for automobile  
D793003 Mounting arm  
D792997 Floodlight  
D793002 Mold for packaging semiconductor light emitting device