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D794857 Portable light  
D794838 Light bulb  
D794855 Flashlight with bottle opener  
D794860 Light projector  
D794844 Driving light  
D794856 Lantern  
D794839 LED lamp  
D794864 Light fixture  
D794869 Lighting harp  
D794845 Headlight cover for a motorcycle  
D794858 Laser light projector  
D794850 Rear combination lamp of car  
D794843 Rear combination lamp for automobile  
D794853 Vehicle headlight  
D794840 LED lamp  
D794837 LED directional lamp with lens  
D794863 Wall mounted light fixture with suspenders  
D794841 Warmer  
D794842 Thermally isolated high intensity light source with spacers  
D794854 Electric lamp  
D794852 LED headlight  
D794419 Support mount  
D794865 Light  
D794868 Cockpit light bezel  
D794866 LED bulb lamp cover  
D794859 Laser light projector  
D794848 Headlamp for an automobile  
D794867 Support bracket for troffer-type light fixture  
D794846 Headlamp for an automobile  
D794861 Hanging lamp  
D794862 Ceiling light  
D794847 Rear combination lamp for an automobile  
D794241 LED fixture  
D794239 Luminaire  
D794244 Adjustable armature including pivotable knuckle  
D794245 Housing for an LED-based lighting apparatus  
D794238 Lamp unit  
D794237 Flashlight  
D794226 Spherical lens for a camera  
D794235 Lantern  
D794242 Telescoping task light  
D794227 Spherical lens for a camera  
D794236 Task light  
D794229 Vehicle front headlamp  
D794243 Low profile outdoor light fixture  
D794230 Vehicle front headlamp  
D794233 Vehicle lamp  
D794231 Front combination lamp for a motor vehicle  
D794232 Vehicle headlight  
D794240 Light fixture