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D790120 Pendant for a light fixture  
D790103 Light fixture  
D790104 Lighting fixture  
D790095 Vehicle emergency lighting unit  
D790118 Lamp  
D790100 Light projection device  
D790113 Light fixture  
D790110 Flame-like overlay for a light source  
D789583 Light projector  
D789585 Lighting fixture  
D789571 Light unit for a vehicle  
D789577 Vehicle light  
D789590 Light fixture  
D789594 LED light lens  
D789588 Luminaire  
D789573 Roof light for vehicle  
D789591 Light  
D789580 Taillight for a vehicle  
D789587 Lighting fixture  
D789592 Wooden lamp shade  
D789569 Retrofit lamp with LED light source filament  
D789570 Electronic taper candle having a flame-shaped element illuminated on two sides thereof  
D789575 Vehicle rear taillamp  
D789578 Lighted vehicle fender marker  
D789596 Hanger assembly for light fixture power bars  
D789586 Recessed downlights for indoor use  
D789566 Light bulb  
D789582 Light projector  
D789581 Light projector  
D789568 Solar light bulb  
D789567 Light fixture  
D789593 Part of a lamp  
D789574 Vehicle lamp cover  
D789584 Light projector  
D789595 Ballast hanging bracket  
D789589 Lighting device  
D789579 Light  
D789572 Head lamp  
D789576 Front combination lamp for an automobile  
D789597 Lamp holder (clamp lamp)  
D788973 Task lamp  
D788961 Light assembly  
D788969 Tri-light fixture  
D788960 Lantern  
D788959 Combination flashlight and stun gun  
D788975 Lamp  
D788957 Rear fog lamp for an automobile  
D788972 Floor lamp  
D788955 Lighthead  
D788962 Light assembly