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D790748 Table lamp  
D790756 Medical lamp  
D790760 Housing for LED-based lighting apparatus  
D790764 Surgical light cover having integrated handle cover  
D790737 LED lamp  
D790762 Power bar spacer  
D790759 Lamp holder attachment for headgear  
D790743 Headlight for a vehicle  
D790742 Vehicle headlight  
D790740 Christmas wreath with wireless strand speakers and additional lighting feature  
D790752 Lamp  
D790753 Body for a light fixture  
D790744 Headlight for a vehicle  
D790739 Christmas garland with wireless strand speakers and additional lighting feature  
D790747 Lighting fixture with privacy panels  
D790754 Canopy fixture for pendant light  
D790751 LED lamp  
D790758 LED optical lens  
D790761 Power bar end  
D790097 Wearable lighting device  
D790112 Light fixture  
D790088 Candle jar  
D790087 Oil candle  
D790117 Light fixture  
D790105 Luminaire  
D790107 Lamp for outdoor use  
D790092 Single pod headlamp  
D790115 Light fixture  
D790108 Table lamp  
D790102 Luminaires  
D790098 Electric lantern  
D789778 Flashlight clip  
D790085 LED light lens  
D790101 Lighting device  
D790116 Light fixture  
D790114 Light fixture  
D790111 Lighting fixture  
D790121 Pendant for a light fixture  
D789890 Intelligent lampholder  
D790094 Underwater lighting lamp  
D790086 Retrofit lamp with LED light source filament  
D790096 Vehicular illuminated display device  
D790091 LED night-light  
D790119 T-shaped ends for a power hanger of a lighting system  
D790093 Light for vehicle  
D790099 Panoramic flashlight  
D790106 Lighting fixture  
D790089 LED night-light  
D790109 Table lamp  
D790090 LED night-light