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D806921 Headlamp for vehicles  
D806931 Floating solar panel  
D806928 Lighting fixture  
D806914 LED light tube  
D806919 Vehicle taillamp  
D806918 Rear combination lamp for an automobile  
D806926 Luminaire  
D806913 High lumen bulb  
D806938 Powerbar assembly for a lighting system  
D806309 Lighting fixture  
D806285 Rear light for a motor vehicle  
D806281 Flexible light panel  
D806295 Handheld flashlight  
D806294 Lighting device  
D806291 Vehicle tail lamp  
D806302 Lamp  
D806296 Light fixture  
D806288 Vehicle headlight  
D806305 Lighting fixture  
D806300 Light fixture with backbox  
D806307 Lighting fixture  
D806306 Solar wall light  
D806293 Rear window lighted display for an automobile  
D806303 Spot light  
D806304 Lighting fixture  
D806298 Spotlight  
D806286 Rear light for a motor vehicle  
D806283 Headlamp for an automobile  
D806282 Night light  
D806289 Vehicle headlight  
D806290 Vehicle headlight  
D806284 Rear combination lamp for an automobile  
D806308 Optical diffuser  
D806301 Parts of lamps  
D806299 Work light  
D806287 Headlight for a motor vehicle  
D806297 Waterproof grill light  
D806226 Ceiling fan housing with light fixture  
D806292 Vehicle tail lamp  
D805664 Headlight for a vehicle  
D805659 LED module  
D805669 Fishing and shrimping light  
D805682 Light guide plate for a keyboard  
D805681 Balloon connector with LED lighting arrangement  
D805679 Light  
D805671 Integrated industrial illumination apparatus  
D805674 Lighting fixture  
D805672 Wall mounted solar powered flood light  
D805675 Lighting fixture  
D805680 Driver housing