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D799730 Light projection device  
D799739 Spotlight  
D799738 LED lighting sheet with surface pattern  
D799728 Vehicle front headlamp  
D799684 Ceiling fan motor housing, fan blade bracket and light kit  
D799729 Lighting lamp  
D799095 Working lamp  
D799082 Automobile headlight  
D799092 Flexible light  
D799080 Housing for a light  
D799099 Lighting fixture  
D799096 Working lamp  
D799101 Wall-mounted lighting fixture  
D799088 Flashlight  
D799093 Spotlight  
D799089 Flashlight  
D799091 Flashlight head  
D799106 Stake for holding decorative light  
D799083 Headlight for vehicles  
D799104 Security light  
D799085 Magnifier visor light  
D799100 Levitating bulb and base  
D799107 Powerbar assembly for a lighting system  
D799087 Flashlight  
D799066 Corner extrusion  
D799079 Housing for a light  
D799081 Brake light  
D799084 Flashlight with magnet  
D799102 Light fixture  
D799077 Rear taillight for a vehicle  
D799065 Extrusion  
D799094 LED light  
D799075 Combination transmitter and receiver for an LED bulb  
D799078 Wide angle lighthead  
D799020 Ceiling fan  
D799105 Housing for LED luminaire  
D799098 Lighting fixture  
D799074 Lamp  
D799103 Optical emitter module  
D799086 Hand held light  
D799090 Flashlight  
D799097 Light fixture  
D799076 Lamp  
D798484 Landscape light  
D798492 LED illuminated panel  
D798490 Interactive button including lights  
D798482 Handheld light  
D798477 Exterior surface configuration for a vehicle taillight  
D798483 Casing for a portable light  
D798474 Tail lamp