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D792004 Light fixture  
D792015 Table lamp  
D791999 Horticulture grow light housing  
D792012 Lamp  
D791401 Dual ring power bar for a light fixture  
D791375 Motor vehicle taillight  
D791390 Lighting fixture  
D791370 Portion of a LED Lamp  
D791395 Disc insert for a lighting assembly  
D791391 Electronic candle having a top scent container  
D791396 Lighting enclosure  
D791371 Lamp  
D791366 LED bulb  
D791398 Lighting device  
D791393 Lamp  
D791382 Light fixture  
D791394 Disc insert for a lighting assembly  
D791369 Portion of a LED lamp  
D791399 Light fixture with a dual diffuser  
D791377 Vehicle taillight  
D791380 Mounting bracket for magnetically attracted lighting device  
D791368 LED lamp for ceiling with a projector  
D791374 Solar powered lamp simulating a pebble stone  
D791365 Light emitting diode lamp  
D791397 Lighting device  
D791392 Electronic candle having a top scent container and a charging base  
D791381 Decorative light  
D791376 Tail light adaptor  
D791378 Vehicle fascia lamp  
D791388 Light fixture  
D791367 LED lamp with a projector  
D791383 Lighting assembly  
D791389 Light fixture  
D791373 Lantern  
D791384 Light  
D791400 Hanger for coupling two power bars  
D791386 Luminaire  
D791379 Hanging LED light  
D791387 Light fixture  
D791372 Holiday light  
D791385 Light fixture  
D790757 LED light lens  
D790749 Glass jar electronic candle  
D790745 Automobile back light  
D790746 Recessed light fixture  
D790741 Vehicle headlamp  
D790755 Work light  
D790763 Exterior surface configuration of a vehicle headlight reflector  
D790750 LED table lamp  
D790738 Moving light projector