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D734524 Outdoor lighting fixture  
D734523 Outdoor lighting fixture  
D733957 Light fixture  
D733345 Spotlight  
D732220 Working lamp  
D732218 Dual wall mount and ground mount LED spotlight  
D732219 Light fixture for single row of lamps  
D731688 Lighting apparatus  
D730553 Task light  
D730555 LED work light  
D729965 Spotlight  
D729964 Desk lamp  
D728840 Lighting device  
D726946 Lamp  
D724773 Lamp  
D723727 LED light  
D723726 Universal swivel light fixture  
D720486 LED light module  
D720485 LED light module  
D720487 Exterior/interior lights  
D719695 Comet track light  
D716483 Light fixture  
D715474 Lighting fixture  
D714481 Interior lights  
D713983 Lamp  
D713577 Collapsible lighting fixture  
D713579 Light fixture  
D713578 Light fixture  
D713581 Light fixture  
D713582 Solar powered lamps  
D713595 Light fixture  
D713580 Light fixture  
D712580 Light fixture assembly  
D711576 LED spot light  
D710527 Lighting device  
D710045 Luminaire  
D707379 LED light fixture  
D706478 Directional LED worklight  
D705477 Security light with wall-washer lights  
D704370 Lighting device  
D704369 Wall luminaire  
D703851 Searchlight  
D703854 Projector  
D703859 Light fixture  
D703853 Projector  
D703363 Light fixture  
D703359 Track light fixture  
D703362 Light fixture  
D702865 Directional LED worklight  
D702866 Light-emitting diode (LED) floodlight