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D780357 Lighting device  
D780358 Lighting device  
D780359 LED luminaire  
D779696 Lighting fixture  
D779095 Work light  
D779098 Laser light  
D779096 Work light  
D779097 Portable work light  
D779094 Portable work light  
D778478 Light projector  
D777963 Lighting fixture  
D777965 Laser light  
D776318 Table lamp  
D776319 Lamp  
D776322 Work light  
D776320 Light fixture  
D776321 Work light  
D775754 Light  
D775755 Slide lamp  
D775393 Light fixture  
D774675 Light emitting diode lamp  
D774231 Spotlight  
D773708 Lighting device  
D773709 Lamp  
D773707 Landscape light  
D773092 LED floodlight  
D773090 LED boom  
D773093 Spotlight  
D773091 Light fixture for a wall, floor, or table lamp  
D773094 Spotlight  
D773095 Led boom  
D772460 Work light  
D772459 Hanging LED light  
D771854 Adjustable lighting fixture with pivotable lighting fixture visor  
D771296 Outdoor luminaire  
D771284 Lighting fixture assembly  
D771297 Double head photography table top studio light  
D770657 Work light  
D770656 Stage lighting  
D770658 Floodlight  
D770074 Solid state lighting fixture  
D770072 Clip-style light  
D769508 Lamp  
D768899 Searchlight  
D768898 Luminaire  
D768900 Lamp for photography and cinematography  
D768324 Lamp  
D768323 Lamp  
D767806 LED cinema light  
D767191 Light emitting diode floodlight