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D493243 LED emergency light  
6758585 Articulated, adjustable stand  
An articulated stand having an adjustment mechanism featuring a hinge-and-wheel assembly. In one embodiment, the present invention provides an articulated, adjustable stand comprising an upwardly...
D491684 Light fixture  
D490926 Desk lamp  
D488878 Gimballed track light fixture  
D486599 Halogen lamp and support assembly  
D486261 Work light  
D484638 Surgical lighthead  
D484629 Lighting fixture  
D483147 Lamp head with integrally formed handle  
D482812 Portable illumination apparatus  
D482152 Work light  
D480831 Top portion of a housing for a surgical lighthead  
D479756 Track lighting fixture  
D476439 Lighting fixture with a circular gimbal ring  
D475478 Track-mounted spotlight  
D473669 Lighting fixture  
D472659 Light used in wheel rotation  
D472337 Track luminaire  
D465867 Track lighting fixture design  
D464455 Track lighting lamp fixture  
D463878 Lamp for use with computer desk  
D462801 Lamp decoration  
D462802 Quadruple lamp utility light  
D461019 Modular construction for track lighting fixture  
D459823 Electric light  
D459514 Track light module  
D457673 Lamp head assembly  
D454219 Reading light fixture  
D453850 Flat-bottom light fixture  
D452927 Ornamental table lamp  
D452339 Lamp head assembly  
D451226 Sled-based work lamp  
D450405 Track light  
D450148 Lamp  
D449398 Square-faced work lamp  
D448509 Spotlight  
D448506 Transition for mount for track lighting fixture  
D448507 Desk lamp  
D447261 Light device  
D446875 Round-faced, u-based work lamp  
D446592 Work light head lamp  
D446329 Studio light  
D445936 Light fixture  
D444251 Track lighting fixture  
D444252 Mount for track lighting fixture  
D443710 Projecting lamp  
D443375 Conical lampholder  
D442718 Dart lampholder  
D441889 Floodlight