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D614793 Under cabinet light  
D613892 Table lamp  
D613441 Outdoor lighting fixture  
D613440 Worklight  
D611635 Electrical fixture  
D610729 Lighting fixture  
D604880 Spotlight  
D603544 Adjustable table lamp  
D603543 Lamp  
D601288 Task lamp  
D598594 Luminaire  
D597693 Floodlight  
D593242 Lamp  
D592341 Adjustable desk lamp  
D591883 Flood light  
D590978 Bleaching light system for dental applications  
D590979 Light fixture  
D589636 Luminaire  
D588736 Lamp  
D588737 Magnifier lamp  
D587833 Docklight  
D587389 Undercabinet lighting fixture with positionable head  
D586934 Lighting apparatus  
D586490 Table lamp  
D585579 Track lighting fixture with heat dissipating fins  
D583088 Light  
D582593 Lamp  
D580083 Light  
D580082 Solar flag light  
D579600 Light fixture  
D578692 Dual-light lighting fixture  
D578237 Tri-light lighting fixture  
D577454 Low-bay light fixture  
D577453 Track light  
D577142 Utility lamp for use with interchangeable base  
D575891 Stage light  
D574989 Rotating bi-directional side-lit panel  
D574990 Lamp  
D574988 Grill light  
D574987 Machine lamp  
D574532 Solar spotlight  
D574102 Decorative floodlight luminaire  
D574101 Lighting fixture  
D573287 Solar-powered light  
D573286 Lamp with support bracket  
7387412 Working light stand  
A stand for a working light includes a base capable of standing on a ground and a handle pivotally connected to the base via a pivotal member which is provided to joints between the base and the...
D570512 Portable lamp with detachable stand  
D570513 Accessory for miniature flashlight  
D568517 Lighting fixture  
D568518 Spotlight