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D625870 Rotatable wallwash lighting device  
D625867 Track light fixture  
D625452 Spotlight  
D625451 Track light fixture  
D625036 Energy saving flood light  
D624682 Energy saving flood light  
D624681 Energy saving flood light  
D624680 Energy saving flood light  
D624225 Light emitting desk lamp  
D623331 Light fixture mounted on tripod stand  
D623328 Table lamp  
D623329 Table lamp  
D623326 Illuminating apparatus  
D623327 Light  
D623330 Table lamp  
D622882 Lamp  
D622883 Table lamp  
D622884 Light fixture  
D621984 Track fixture luminaire  
D621983 Track fixture luminaire  
D621982 LED daylight  
D621084 Operating light  
D620167 Light fixture  
D620165 Table lamp  
D620168 Light fixture  
D620187 Spotlight  
D620166 Light fixture  
D619746 Table lamp  
D619288 Track fixture luminaire  
D619289 Spot light  
D619290 Spot light  
D618375 Light fixture  
D618374 Lighting fixture  
D618373 Track-type luminaire  
D618377 Lighting fixture  
D617931 Combined puck light and pivoting mounting bracket  
D617928 Aquarium light with latch  
D617932 Lamp  
D617930 Combined puck light and pivoting mounting bracket  
D617484 Aquarium light  
D617027 Lamp  
D616586 Light fixture  
D616590 Illuminating apparatus  
D616588 Desk lamp  
D616589 Reading lamp  
D616587 Light fixture  
D615688 Solar light  
D615681 LED task light  
D615235 LED lamp  
D615231 Luminaire for road lighting