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D689232 Low profile lighting apparatus with a detachable dual mounting bracket  
D683059 Lighting apparatus  
D681258 Color-changing table-top mood lamp, utilizing light emitting diodes  
D680252 Solar bicycle safety light  
D680253 Flared visor  
D679853 Light emitting diode lamp  
D675740 Dental whitening lamp  
D674949 Lighting system  
D671251 Lighting fixture  
D671252 Spotlight  
D670847 Interior light assembly with flared visor  
D670846 Lighting fixture  
D670421 Flared visor for interior light assembly  
D670016 Luminaire  
D669203 Interior light assembly with flared visor  
D667981 Light fixture  
D667980 Desk lamp  
D667582 Light fixture with moving head  
D666346 Searchlight  
D666345 Light emitting diode lamp  
D666349 Luminaire  
D666348 Light emitting diode lamp  
D665938 Desk lamp  
D665936 Light emitting diode lamp  
D665937 Light emitting diode lamp  
D665115 Table lamp  
D664695 Interior light assembly with flared visor  
D663877 Light fixture and mounting therefor  
D663456 Table lamp  
D663061 Floodlight  
D662638 Lamp  
D662242 LED desk light  
D661421 Lamp  
D661420 Solar powered sensor light  
D661007 Light fixture  
D660491 Emergency lighting fixture  
D660505 Solar powered light bar  
D659871 Outdoor light fixture  
D658800 Desk lamp  
D658799 Lighting device  
D658326 Desk lamp  
D657083 LED multi-head pod light  
D657086 Desk lamp  
D657085 Desk lamp  
D657084 Desk lamp  
D655845 Light fixture  
D655840 Adjustable lighting fixture assembly  
D655841 Pivoting magnetic light  
D655842 Light fixture  
D655844 Light fixture