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D702387 Stage lighting  
D700985 Pathway luminaire  
D700728 Track-lighting fixture  
D700726 Light emitting diode (LED) lighting  
D700727 Track-lighting fixture  
D700385 Stage lighting  
D699879 Medical lamp  
D699877 Floodlight luminaire  
D699878 Light projector  
D699382 Spotlight  
D698473 Worklight  
D698472 Worklight  
D698477 Worklight  
D698476 Worklight  
D698474 Worklight  
D698475 Worklight  
D698060 Worklight  
D698059 Worklight  
D698058 LED trackhead adjustable lighting fixture with snoot ring  
D698057 Adjustable desk lamp  
D697650 Directional downlight  
D697245 Track light fixture  
D695946 LED flood light  
D695435 Stage lighting  
D694927 Head portion of a lighting fixture  
D694934 Light emitting diode lamp  
D694924 Lighting fixture  
D694925 Track-lighting fixture  
D694923 LED gobo projector  
D694926 Lighting fixture  
D694928 Round lamp  
D694450 Spotlight and supporting base  
D694449 Luminaire for road lighting  
D693397 LED spot light for camera  
D693505 Lighting device  
D693502 LED trackhead adjustable lighting fixture with baffle ring  
D693501 LED based hazardous area flood light  
D693508 Light fixture with mounting bracket  
D693509 Searchlight  
D693503 LED trackhead adjustable lighting fixture with ring having a cross-plate  
D693507 Light fixture with mounting bracket  
D693506 Lighting device  
D693504 Lighting device  
D693043 LED lighting unit  
D690858 Lighting device  
D690859 Adjustable twin LED lighting assembly  
D690857 Light-emitting diode (LED) floodlight  
D689643 Table lamp  
D689642 Table lamp  
D689232 Low profile lighting apparatus with a detachable dual mounting bracket