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D781457 Wall base  
D781458 Wall base  
D781445 Cart corral  
D781443 Modular building  
D781459 Bracket member for exterior cladding systems  
D781453 Stage platform  
D781455 Corner block for a block structure  
D781446 Pre-assembled wall frame  
D780949 Window component extrusion  
D780939 Wall for store within store  
D780946 Window component extrusion  
D780948 Window component extrusion  
D780950 Window component extrusion  
D780953 Slab  
D780947 Window component extrusion  
D780938 Facing walls for store within store  
D780944 Bracket member for exterior cladding systems  
D780951 Stabilize for a screwable foundation post  
D780952 Simulated shake panel  
D780940 Table  
D780954 Portion of a slab  
D780941 Brick  
D780942 Bracket member for exterior cladding systems  
D780945 Louver assembly  
D780955 Portion of a slab  
D780943 Bracket member for exterior cladding systems  
D780937 Automated teller machine enclosure  
D780335 Slab  
D780336 Slab  
D780330 Window component extrusion  
D780341 Portion of a slab  
D779840 Sound absorbing panel  
D780345 Portion of a slab  
D780343 Slab  
D780340 Portion of a slab  
D780337 Slab  
D780333 Slab  
D780342 Slab  
D780325 Store facade  
D780338 Slab  
D780334 Portion of a slab  
D780323 Fence  
D780332 Slab  
D780331 Window component extrusion  
D780346 Sidewalk tile  
D780327 Panel with pattern  
D780344 Portion of a slab  
D780324 Door facing  
D780328 Panel with grid pattern  
D780329 Guide rail for solar bracket