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D799061 Access gate  
D799069 Slotted angle stanchion  
D799071 Portion of a slab  
D799064 Tubing with channel  
D799066 Corner extrusion  
D799065 Extrusion  
D799072 Portion of a slab  
D799067 Device for a tool holder  
D798472 Roofing flashing  
D798470 Apparatus for providing secure storage  
D798471 Multi-level extrusion  
D797954 Door facing  
D797953 Rail assembly  
D797955 Step ladder with safety attachment  
D797952 Pool with a spa  
D797957 Floor underlayment  
D797956 Trim assembly  
D797307 Rail assembly  
D797306 Shed  
D797305 Building  
D797311 Door facing  
D797235 Modular stormwater retention device  
D797317 Window component extrusion  
D797316 Window component extrusion  
D797314 Ladder  
D797312 Door  
D797318 Architectual ceiling panel apparatus  
D797310 Door  
D797309 Threshold cap  
D797304 Shade providing shelter  
D797319 Landscape edging  
D797315 Window component extrusion  
D797320 Landscape edging  
D797313 Gate operator arm cover  
D797308 Fence panel  
D796344 Stackable storage unit or building unit  
D796689 Erosion barrier  
D796700 Building panel  
D796690 Door edge  
D796699 Architectual ceiling panel apparatus  
D796694 Ladder  
D796698 Sound absorbing surface  
D796697 Siding trim  
D796695 Lite for doors and entryways  
D796312 Edge protector for a board  
D796696 Deck block  
D796692 Gate  
D796691 Gate  
D796693 Canopy  
D796062 Gazebo