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D806276 Thermal insulating panel for underfloor heating  
D805653 Railing top rail  
D805657 Scaffold anchor  
D805656 Box corner for structural truss  
D805655 TV on a sliding door  
D805654 Dock handrail with gate assembly  
D805658 Step unit with fall arrest capability  
D805219 Tile  
D804929 Hinge element for roof anchor  
D805221 Shingle  
D805213 Rail base  
D805217 Pivotable sawhorse bracket  
D805220 Shingle  
D805218 Pivotable sawhorse bracket  
D805215 Window water diverter  
D805223 Roof coupling plate  
D805222 Portion of a slab  
D805214 Railing bottom rail  
D805216 Firearm training barricade assembly  
D804687 Shingle  
D804684 Lite  
D804686 Panel with strum pattern  
D804685 Panel with two layer design  
D804688 Panel member  
D804683 Parking garage service center  
D804056 Door facing  
D804055 Building  
D804058 Stair tread  
D804060 Ceiling panel  
D804059 Photovoltaic roof tile  
D804061 Flooring  
D804054 Bus shelter  
D804057 Door facing  
D803423 Board assembly  
D803422 Window component extrusion  
D803417 Door facing  
D803418 Structural building panel  
D803425 Tile  
D803424 Tile  
D803419 Folding sawhorse  
D803420 Lite for doors and entryways  
D802974 Crib rail cover  
D803421 Artificial turf infill  
D803426 Tile  
D802799 Cap for a railing  
D802804 Flooring  
D802793 Door facing  
D802798 Shoring bracket  
D802800 Sound absorbing surface  
D802794 Door facing