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D785815 Supporting frame for screen  
D785817 Lite for doors and entryways  
D785816 Ladder tool caddie having hooks  
D785814 Ceiling frame for screen  
D785818 Door lite  
D785209 Roofing deck ceiling system  
D785203 Door frame  
D785206 Pitched roof service platform  
D785210 Pyramid handrail support  
D785207 Brick starter  
D785208 Block for a retaining wall  
D785200 Bus shelter  
D785212 Architectural fixture  
D785202 Store facade  
D785199 Rail  
D785211 Decorative molding  
D784825 Dunnage cover  
D785204 Frame for theater  
D785205 Pitched roof service platform  
D785201 Gazebo canopy  
D784276 Susceptor assembly  
D784566 Slab  
D784562 Architectural panel  
D784571 Portion of a slab  
D784568 Slab  
D784558 Fence with solar-powered lamp  
D784563 Architectural panel  
D784564 Architectural panel  
D784557 Outdoor cabinet  
D784565 Architectural fixture  
D784573 Portion of a slab  
D784570 Slab  
D784569 Portion of a slab  
D784561 Window frame component  
D784572 Slab  
D784567 Portion of a slab  
D784560 Corner piece  
D784559 Rail  
D783860 Molded surface of a concrete block  
D783862 Paving stone  
D783859 Panel with double sided grid pattern  
D783863 Wall base  
D783866 Window sash extrusion  
D783858 Railing  
D783865 Wall base  
D783861 Molded surface of a concrete block  
D783864 Wall base  
D783857 Modular building  
D783179 Modular building  
D783181 Fence post