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D727530 Kiosk  
D727535 Window frame profile  
D727540 Panel with metric pattern  
D727539 Corner portion of a frameless screen  
D727533 Wall footer  
D726937 Window frame profile  
D726938 Window frame profile  
D726935 Door facing  
D726939 Window frame profile  
D726858 Portable human shelter  
D726933 Modular structure  
D726932 Heliport  
D726936 Window frame profile  
D726931 Heliport  
D726930 Swimming pool with baseball field shape  
D726934 Dividing block  
D725919 Privacy screen  
D726340 Combined folding door jamb and end panel  
D726339 Garage door facade  
D726336 Garage door facade  
D726334 Architectural structure  
D726337 Garage door facade  
D726345 Panel  
D726338 Garage door facade  
D726342 Post strap stabilizer  
D726332 Booth for bank equipment  
D726344 Joint for wall elements  
D726333 Restroom structure  
D726069 Construction block planter box  
D726335 Garage door facade  
D726341 Lifeguard station  
D726343 Post cap  
D725797 Window component extrusion  
D725799 Facade for window-mounted air conditioner  
D725796 Door jamb extension assembly  
D725798 Window component extrusion  
D725795 Landscaping block  
D725793 Ladder bar yoke  
D725794 Hedge panel  
D725792 Adjustable roof hatch safety rail  
D725298 Architectural building slab  
D725290 Combined folding door jamb, end panel and mini slats  
D725294 Molding  
D725293 Lite for doors and entryways  
D725295 Window component extrusion  
D725297 Post  
D725289 Folding door with mini-slats  
D725296 Post  
D725287 Shopping cart corral having an entry portion to which advertisements are affixed  
D725292 Hunting tree stand