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D713060 Soft caps for dasher board  
D713067 Rotatable homogeneous quarter round stacked wheel adornment assembly for traffic patterns  
D713052 Fence panel  
D713054 Self-mating beam interlocking or interfitting joint  
D713062 Rotatable homogeneous quarter round uniform adornment assembly for traffic patterns  
D713059 Window component extrusion  
D713053 Door gap protector  
D713058 Window component extrusion  
D713066 Rotatable, homogeneous quarter round swirled wave adornment for traffic patterns  
D712570 Interlocking modular wall panel with engravings  
D712569 Wall panel  
D712567 Ladder standoff  
D712568 Panel with papercut pattern  
D712071 Fence post crown  
D712069 Lite for doors and entryways  
D712072 Floor connector  
D712068 Safety barrier with hand rail  
D712067 Building  
D712070 Traffic post base  
D711553 Trim reveal extrusion  
D711551 Window  
D711554 Trim reveal extrusion  
D711557 Fence post safety cover  
D711555 Trim reveal extrusion  
D711558 Roof tile  
D711556 Trim reveal extrusion  
D711552 Trim reveal extrusion  
D711016 Molded edger with sculpted face  
D711013 Core for a lite  
D711021 Trim reveal extrusion  
D711022 Trim reveal extrusion  
D711020 Wall footer  
D711012 Wall assembly  
D711015 Molded surface of a concrete product  
D711017 Molded surface of a concrete product  
D711018 Decorative concrete unit  
8800235 Wall block with weight bearing pads and method of producing wall blocks  
A wall block having at least one weight bearing pad on an upper or lower surface of the block and a compression head and methods of making the block and making walls with the block.
D711019 Decorative concrete unit  
D711014 Landscaping block  
D710563 Lifting column  
D710517 Youth staircase  
D710518 Panel with a polygon pattern  
D710034 Insulating wall panel  
D710033 J-block siding  
8789332 Pattern randomization of a laminated roofing shingle  
A method of producing laminated roofing shingles is provided, wherein the shingles are of a dragon's tooth type, and shingles made in accordance with the method, and packages of such shingles.
D710031 Step stool  
D710035 Insulating wall panel  
D710026 Faux window assembly  
D710030 Irregular-shaped ladder for a tree stand  
D710025 Convertible food and television station