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D821610 Corner trim  
D821609 Door  
D821614 Photovoltaic roof tile  
D821612 Post cap  
D820998 Architectural panel with thin yarn interlayer  
D820999 Architectural panel with thick yarn interlayer  
D821000 Drip edge  
D820997 Draft prevention frame  
RE46894 Handrail  
RE46895 Handrail  
D821001 Interlocking floor panel  
D820473 Molded surface of a concrete product  
D820474 Window component extrusion  
D820470 High dam outswing sill cap  
D820472 Step stool  
D820471 Earthquake shock absorber  
D820469 Deployable building  
D819833 Door assembly capable of receiving hinge plate locators  
D819835 Architectural molding  
D819834 Universal tray  
D819830 Toilet cubicle  
D819831 Roof for a toilet cubicle  
D819836 Decorative wall panels  
D819832 External corner material for walls  
D819229 Folding stairs  
D819233 Wall covering  
D819234 Wood-grained polymer board  
D819230 Ladder stabilizer  
D819232 Concrete form clip  
D819237 Roadway panel  
D819231 Landscaping block  
D819236 Wood-grained polymer board  
D819228 Hanger tube for architectural mesh  
D819227 Door facing  
D819226 Guardrail  
D819235 Wood-grained polymer board  
D818616 Thermal insulating panel for underfloor heating  
D818611 Sea wall cap  
D818613 Set of mosaic tiles  
D818608 Modular building with pillars  
D818617 Thermal insulating panel for underfloor heating  
D818610 Ladder quick connect base unit  
D818607 Modular building with pillars  
D818614 Set of mosaic tiles  
D818615 Thermal insulating panel for underfloor heating  
D818612 Set of mosaic tiles  
D818609 Modular building with pillars  
D818606 Corrosion control facility  
D817918 Combined radio and power pole with pier  
D818148 Modular building with pillars