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D838385 Ladder  
D838388 Pole grab  
D838006 Geometrical unit  
D838005 Transportable building  
D837406 Door  
D837417 Structural building panel  
D837410 Door lite  
D837419 Panel with braid pattern  
D837413 Geometrical unit  
D837408 French window with several leaves  
D837407 Door  
D837405 Door seal assembly  
D837409 Window framing kit  
D837418 Structural building panel  
D837415 Floor surface underlayment  
D837414 Acoustic barrier  
D837411 Vacuum-insulated glass plate  
D837416 Floor surface underlayment  
D837412 Vacuum-insulated glass plate  
D837404 Crash barrier for roads and highways  
D837403 Vehicle charging station  
D837347 Rain gutter cover  
D836799 Barrier rail  
D836800 Paint can securing apparatus for use with a ladder  
D836798 Portable toilet  
D836877 Guiding surface rail  
D836801 Panel with oval textile interlayer  
D836215 Ladder hand rail  
D836213 Manufactured home  
D836214 Balustrade system  
D836216 Window sash extrusion  
D835806 Above ground pool  
D835814 Shingle  
D835812 Window component extrusion  
D835811 Window component extrusion  
D835807 Ladder top  
D835809 Window component extrusion  
D835810 Window component extrusion  
D835813 Baseboard for a wall panel  
D835808 Construction block  
D835297 Construction block  
D834843 Step stool  
D834919 Box connector for wall panel system  
D835294 Pool  
D835296 Construction block  
D835300 Stringer made of aluminum  
D835295 Construction block  
D835301 Horizontal frame for a wall panel  
D835298 Construction block  
D834920 Three-legged cube connector for wall panel system