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D802171 Tile  
D802164 Stair lip protector  
D802169 Tile  
D802162 Window  
D802166 Paving stone  
D802167 Insulation support channel  
D802165 Paving stone  
D802173 Architectural panel  
D801551 Fence post  
D801547 Stair lip protector  
D801552 Fence post  
D801549 Lite for doors and entryways  
D801548 Sheet of glass  
D801550 Brick  
D801553 Asymmetric rectangular roofing panel  
D800922 Barrier for isolation of metal structures  
D800918 House  
D800925 Linear guideway  
D800924 Reveal trim piece  
D800923 Inside corner reveal  
D800920 Door  
D800921 Framing accessory with a ribbed flange  
D800926 Slab  
D800919 Swimming pool  
D800340 Swimming pool  
D800349 Slat wall  
D800347 Cross member extrusion  
D800345 Channel reveal with ribbed flanges  
D800351 Portion of a slab  
D800341 Swimming pool  
D800346 Control joint with ribbed flanges  
D800352 Landscape edging tab  
D800348 Vertical member extrusion  
D800342 Rail  
D800350 Frame for a window or door  
D800344 Casing bead with a ribbed flange  
D800343 Siding trim  
D799723 Portion of a slab  
D799719 Insert for positioning between window panes  
D799720 Extrusion  
D799305 Siding splice joint  
D799718 Door  
D799721 Shingle  
D799722 Portion of a slab  
D799063 Extension ladder  
D799068 Part of a cable support system  
D799070 Multi-level unitary safety surface tile  
D799062 Pergola  
D799073 Slab  
D799061 Access gate