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D766460 Siding panel  
D766469 Shingle  
D766466 Shingle  
D766462 Ladder  
D766465 Fastening member  
D766464 Surface of a landscaping block  
D766463 Top cap for ladder  
D766468 Shingle  
D765884 Architectural panel with repurposed metal shapes  
D765881 Frame element  
D765876 Modular shelter  
D765877 Awning roller  
D765878 Door lite  
D765888 Shingle  
D765885 Shingle  
D765883 Fence post  
D765887 Shingle  
D765886 Shingle  
D765880 Surface of a landscaping block  
D765882 Frame element  
D765879 Glass brick  
D765267 Mobile terminal booth  
D765008 Upper rail for a watercraft  
D764841 Display booth  
D765269 Stepladder  
D765009 Lower rail cap for a watercraft  
D765272 Roofing panel  
D765270 Surface of a landscaping block  
D765273 Shingle  
D765265 Bridge unit  
D765268 Set of french doors  
D765271 Roofing panel  
D765274 Shingle  
D765266 Prefabricated module design  
D764380 Upper rail for a watercraft  
D764686 Wall panel  
D764378 Middle rail for a watercraft  
D764680 Platform safety door  
D764379 Middle rail for a watercraft  
D764266 Composite action tie  
D764687 Roofing panel  
D764685 Molded surface of a concrete product  
D764683 Panel with honeycomb pattern  
D764681 Ladder carrier  
D764682 Tree step including an integrated shank  
D764684 Panel with truss pattern  
D764072 Server door  
D764076 Shingle  
D764071 Graduated rail fence panel  
D764074 Panel with wire pattern