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D754883 Cine tile inlay  
D754882 Combined panel trim and flashing  
D754874 Free-standing deck  
D754366 Window sash frame extrusion  
D754364 Fence part  
D754370 Tile pattern  
D754362 Bus shelter  
D754369 Free access floor panel  
D754372 Non-slip floor panel  
D754365 Decking panel  
D754368 Free access floor panel  
D754363 Portable enclosure  
D754367 Window main frame extrusion  
D754371 Non-slip floor panel  
D753967 Landscape edging unit kit  
D753841 Door facing  
D753847 Rake moulding  
D753842 Door facing  
D753848 Corner board  
D753844 Portion of a lattice  
D753845 Lite for doors and entryways  
D753843 Transition strip corner structure  
D753425 Profile to a worktable  
D753840 Three piece door weather-stripping  
D753846 Lite for doors and entryways  
D753849 Tower sub-structure support  
D753318 Swimming pool design  
D753320 Support cell under a load bearing feature  
D753319 Ladder tool caddie  
D752775 Stanchion base  
D752725 Portable shower with enclosure  
D752772 Temporary door assembly for use during construction  
D752776 Siding panel  
D752773 Bollard luminaire window  
D752724 Combined portable shower and wash station  
D752771 Commercial premises  
D752774 Door or window frame extrusion  
D752245 Roof constructed of triangular panels  
D752247 Privacy screen  
D752242 Apparatus for providing secure storage  
D752241 Room arrangement  
D752244 Door lite  
D752246 Prefabricated building part  
D752243 Door  
D752248 Landscape edging  
D751733 Framing member  
D751729 Combined fence post and roller  
D751731 Molded surface of a concrete product  
D751309 Foldable stool  
D751358 Masking article