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D686344 Wall block  
D685928 Floor panel for a clean room  
D685925 Floor panel for a clean room  
D685923 Molded surface of a concrete product  
D685921 Shelter  
D685927 Floor panel for a clean room  
D685922 Rail  
D685926 Floor panel for a clean room  
D685924 Grass paver  
D685503 Stair nosing cover  
D685504 Draft stopping device  
D685502 Landscaping block  
D685500 Fiberglass swimming pool  
D685501 Fluorescent bulb holder  
D685113 Insulated roof panel with flat roof tile style skin layer  
D685110 Scaffolding tray  
D685112 Insulated roof panel with barrel roof tile style skin layer  
D685109 Door facing  
D685111 Insulated roof panel with spanish S roof tile style skin layer  
D685108 Hand rail  
D685114 Multi-slat architectural panel  
D684706 Water barrier trim  
D684704 Glass body of a building glass  
D684707 Ceiling tile  
D684705 Deck board  
D684278 Collapsible five legged stepstool  
D684277 Chord for trusses  
D684279 Corner reinforcement for building trim  
D684280 Vented transition flashing  
D683865 Door  
8453395 Modular stairway system and kit therefor  
A stairway system, kit and method for assembling the kit are provided, the system including pre-fabricated components such as steps, stringers, decorative moldings and panels or boards, etc., on...
D683864 Portable toilet  
D683477 Core for a lite  
D683480 Standing trellis  
D683415 Shade structure  
D683479 Ladder step  
D683469 Modular building  
D683473 Traffic barrier  
D683471 Traffic barrier  
D683478 Ladder bracket  
D683474 Traffic barrier  
D683476 Traffic plus bollard  
D683470 Rail sit-prevention unit  
D683416 Shade structure  
D683472 Traffic barrier  
D683468 Swimming pool  
D683475 Rack end barrier  
D683048 Modular building  
D683053 Support structure  
D683047 Wind resistant modular ISO building