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D698947 Wall panel  
D698950 Landscape edging  
D698949 Protector and shock absorber for a pillar of a storage structure  
D698944 Wall panel  
D698946 Wall panel  
D698941 Collapsible vehicle awning  
D698943 Wall base  
D698948 Utility pylon  
D698945 Tile for a solid fuel boiler  
D698942 Molded surface of a concrete product  
D698425 Shower enclosure and portions thereof  
D698461 Wind control cover for elevator  
D698460 Pre-cast boat ramp with retaining wall  
D698467 Tile mosaic  
D698464 Molded surface of a concrete product  
D698465 Fence line weed guard  
D698462 Window grouping  
D698463 Bunk bed stair  
D698466 Window component extrusion  
D698045 Vegetated roof module  
D698043 Fence post brace  
D698041 Molded surface of a concrete product  
D698040 Door  
D698044 Panel for decoration  
D698042 Corner post for cable railing system  
D698046 Wall panel  
D698039 Pool  
D697639 Fence line weed guard  
D697637 Core for a lite  
D697635 Free-standing pond  
D697640 Overlapping seal  
D697641 Three-dimensional ceiling tile  
D697636 Free-standing pond  
D697638 Lite for doors and entryways  
D697634 Upper portion of a concrete bridge unit  
D697231 Structural beam for machines and devices  
D697232 Corner post for cable railing system  
D697230 Fence  
D697233 Corner post for cable railing system  
D697229 Tree guard side panel member  
D696791 Flood control barrier  
D696794 Door jamb  
D696795 Door sweep  
D696797 Construction insert for elevator hoistway  
D696793 Decorative concrete unit  
D696792 Barrier structure  
D696796 Mast for luminaire  
D696427 Panel for decoration  
D696434 Panel for decoration  
D696433 Panel for decoration