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D740452 Mosaic tile  
D739959 Water stain preventive barrier device  
D739962 Three dimensional panel  
D739955 Bus shelter  
D739964 Three dimensional panel  
D739961 Three dimensional panel  
D739960 Structural header beam  
D739958 Personal fire escape ladder  
D739957 Cross tee with a hole locking tab  
D739956 Window rain guard and wind deflector with bubble design  
D739963 Three dimensional panel  
D739560 Wall set for a theatre  
D739558 Combined wall and ceiling for a theatre  
D739563 Ballast weight for a fence post base  
D739555 Folding structure for storage, shelter, and plant growing  
D739564 Joint seal  
D739556 Modular building  
D739562 Window frame profile  
D739559 Theatre ceiling  
D739557 Railing section  
D739561 Front portion of a retaining wall  
D739048 Decorative panel for building  
D739046 Window frame profile  
D739050 Edging  
D739036 Spinal rehabilitation device  
D739045 Window frame profile  
D739041 Front portion of a retaining wall  
D739039 Corner piece for reducing structural cracks in stucco at corners of door and windows  
D739042 Window frame profile  
D739049 Sound control panel  
D739044 Window frame profile  
D739047 Sound absorbing panel  
D739043 Window frame profile  
D739040 Door lite  
D738531 Walk through gate  
D738530 Fence  
D738536 Wall panel  
D738535 Fence panel  
D738533 Door or window awning  
D738529 Garden fence pouch  
D738541 Steel sheet roof tile  
D738538 Metal valley wall panel  
D738537 Wall panel  
D738540 Wall panel  
D738532 Electric threshold  
D738528 Building  
D738539 Wall panel  
D738534 Paving block  
D737996 Fence panel  
D737666 Post strap stabilizer