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D772431 Bridge piece  
D772435 Extrusion for frames  
D772434 Architectural accent  
D772433 Bracket member for exterior cladding systems  
D772429 Profiled section of frames for doors  
D772438 Panel  
D772432 Panel frame  
D772437 Dual layer panel  
D772439 Parquet  
D772436 Three wing diamond foundation  
D772430 Core for a lite  
D771841 Bidirectional dimple core panel  
D771477 Rail for a window covering  
D771835 Modular building unit  
D771842 Decorative kick plate  
D771836 Combined doors with room  
D771840 Window frame component  
D771838 Tile trim  
D771839 Window frame component  
D771837 Paving mat  
D771278 Panel with pattern  
D771272 Skid mounted fire suppression shack  
D771273 Communication booth  
D771280 Architectural panel  
D771281 Architectural fixture  
D771274 Modular cabin with porch  
D771277 Extruded rail  
D771275 Intermodal mobile storage container  
D771276 Rail  
D771279 Architectural panel  
D770640 Building  
D770644 Molding support  
D770641 Enclosure doors  
D770643 Rod for canopy  
D770642 Step extender  
D770265 Polymer composite pulley  
D770059 Enclosure doors  
D770061 Adjustable post support  
D770060 Modular construction block  
D769701 Roof safety anchor  
D769460 Tile trim  
D769468 Two wing diamond foundation  
D769464 Window component extrusion  
D769469 Four wing diamond foundation  
D769463 Tube  
D769472 Shingle  
D769458 Slab  
D769470 Fence post repair apparatus  
D769471 Panel surface  
D769459 Tile trim