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8789332 Pattern randomization of a laminated roofing shingle  
A method of producing laminated roofing shingles is provided, wherein the shingles are of a dragon's tooth type, and shingles made in accordance with the method, and packages of such shingles.
D710031 Step stool  
D710035 Insulating wall panel  
D710026 Faux window assembly  
D710030 Irregular-shaped ladder for a tree stand  
D710025 Convertible food and television station  
D710028 Faux window assembly  
D710038 Expansion joint for concrete slabs  
D709825 Renewable energy production and charging station  
D710037 Roofing board  
D710036 Roofing board  
D710027 Faux window assembly  
D710029 Faux window assembly  
D710032 Pipe trench side panel elbow  
D709629 Framing member  
D709626 Fold up work horse  
D709628 Track member  
D709627 Pipe trench side panel  
D709630 Composite stone panel  
D708935 Beam joint hardware  
D708764 Glass panel  
D708765 Landscaping block  
D708350 Fabric shutter  
D708355 Baluster end piece  
D708353 Frame member  
D708351 Sawhorse  
D708349 Modular building  
D708354 Gate for a play yard  
D708357 Post for guardrail  
D708356 Baluster end piece  
D708348 Modular building  
D708358 Top surface of a floor tile  
D708352 Patterned glass  
D707853 A-frame pool ladder  
D707850 Fence  
D707858 Tile  
D707857 Cover for reinforcing bar  
D707849 Theater building structure  
D707854 Architectural panel with spun thread embossed surface  
D707856 Shutter fence  
D707851 Access gate with lights  
D707855 Wallboard trim for fluted deck ceiling  
D707852 Window  
D707365 Truck-mounted performance stage  
D707368 Interior skylight screen  
D707369 Convertible adjustable zippered screen apparatus  
D707366 Rail connector  
D707370 Architectural panel with scatter embossed surface  
D707371 Door panel for a milling machine  
D707367 Fence