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D690435 Variable rail receiving unit  
D690441 Rotatable, homogeneous courtyard preform for traffic patterns  
D690034 Composite stone panel  
D690030 Column protector  
D690031 Impact plus bollard  
D690033 Rotatable, homogenous ashlar preform for traffic patterns  
D690032 Rotatable, homogeneous herringbone preform for traffic patterns  
D690029 Rack end barrier  
D689626 Plant retention block  
D689628 Portable fence stake  
D689625 Building block  
D689623 Discharge door gate  
D689624 Paver  
D689627 Rotatable, homogeneous running bond preform for traffic patterns  
D689629 Floor or stairs surface  
D689622 Enclosure  
D689202 Rotatable, homogenous quarter round preform for traffic patterns  
D689204 Landscaping block  
D689197 Enclosure  
D689198 Enclosure  
D689207 Foundation support  
D689206 Extruded channel locking joint member for joining and securing sheet material to a framework  
D689200 Wall backplate  
D689203 Landscaping block  
D689199 Wall faceplate  
D689208 Swimming pool coping  
D689205 U-shaped termination padding  
D689201 Scaffolding module and scaffolding module frame  
D688813 Landscaping block  
D688812 Landscaping block  
D688811 Paving stone  
D688809 Paving stone  
D688818 Concrete reinforcing mesh  
D688806 Enclosure  
D688808 Window frame portion  
D688814 Landscaping block  
D688810 Modular mortise and tenon base  
D688817 Channel flex revetment block  
D688816 Landscaping block  
D688815 Landscaping block  
D688807 Window seal  
D688386 Enclosure  
D688387 Prefabricated house  
D688388 Collapsible sawhorse  
D687976 Wall panel  
D687973 Building panel  
D687970 Integrated frame and curb box  
D687972 Corner strengthening brace for a fence  
D687977 Wall panel  
8505224 Frame structure for solar cell module  
A frame structure for solar cell module, in which each of the four sidebars that constructs the frame structure is comprised of a bottom, a first vertical wall, a second vertical wall, a first...