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D776829 Slab for building  
D776300 Slab for building  
D776298 Anti flood barrier  
D776299 Paver  
D776303 Shingle  
D776301 Building glass  
D776302 Drywall shadow molding  
D775740 Window component extrusion  
D775743 Siding component  
D775742 Fencepost cap  
D775741 Structural post  
D775739 Patterned glass  
D775373 Extrusion  
D775371 Panel with pattern  
D775370 Patterned glass  
D775367 Door sweep  
D775369 Awning  
D775366 Door sweep  
D775368 Door sweep  
D775372 Landscaping block  
D775374 Railing  
D774663 Accoustic panel assembly  
D774660 Rubber threshold ramp  
D774665 Back panel of a faux FAADE  
D774661 Slab for building  
D774664 Shake shingle  
D774662 Slab for building  
D774207 Theater  
D774212 Slab for building  
D774210 Roll-shutter slat  
D774215 Shingle  
D774209 Room  
D774213 Molding support adaptor  
D774214 Tile trim  
D774211 Panel with stripe pattern  
D774208 Shelter  
D773691 Keder  
D773692 Arizona paving stone  
D773694 Landscaping block  
D773696 Support structure  
D773689 Entry door  
D773688 Door jamb repair device  
D773690 Pillar for vacuum insulated glass unit  
D773693 Front face of a retaining wall block  
D773695 Rail  
D773687 Cable guardrail security device  
D773697 Radiant floor heating underlay board  
D773074 Lawn edging  
D773073 Panel member  
D773072 Landscaping block