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D780339 Slab  
D780326 Panel with pattern  
D779684 Simulated shake panel  
D779686 Portion of a slab  
D779682 Light panel  
D779679 Under bed border gate  
D779683 Deck block  
D779685 Portion of a slab  
D779681 Staircase  
D779680 Portable enclosure for an electric scooter  
D779687 Portion of a slab  
D779688 Cushioned cover  
D779085 Bollard  
D779083 Store facade  
D779084 Store facade  
D778465 Architectural metal building panel  
D778463 Plaster plug  
D778461 Spacer bar for insulating glass panes  
D778466 Tile pattern  
D778464 Wall panel  
D778462 Curb for pavement  
D777942 Protective barrier  
D777946 Architectural ceiling fixture module  
D777947 Modular ladder  
D777951 Architectural fixture  
D777948 Extrusion  
D777952 Roof vent  
D777944 Architectural ceiling fixture module  
D777943 Architectural ceiling fixture module  
D777949 Window component extrusion  
D777945 Architectural ceiling fixture module  
D777950 Wall panel  
D777350 Ladder  
D777345 Spacer bar  
D777353 Panel with pattern  
D777344 Portable ice fishing and camping shelter  
D777352 Glass tile  
D777346 Automatic access gate  
D777351 Ladder  
D777348 Pool equipment door/driveway gate  
D777347 Gate/door  
D777349 Architectural ceiling fixture module  
D776830 Slab for building  
D776826 Work platform  
D776832 Concrete block  
D776828 Slab for building  
D776827 Extendable scaffold leg  
D776834 Edging for lawn, landscape, and pavers, or the like  
D776833 Metal roofing  
D776831 Slab for building