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D776809 Medical device  
D776813 Tracking pattern holder  
D776816 Sealing member for an artificial limb  
D776810 Otoscope  
D776803 Breast shield connector for breast pump  
D776815 Dental handpiece nosecone  
D776819 Combined modular laser display screen and base  
D776824 Fascia tissue fitness device  
D776804 Oscillating positive expiratory pressure device  
D776811 Endoscope connector  
D776814 Dental prophy angle nosecone attachment feature  
D776423 Carrying case for medical delivery device  
D776802 Positive airway pressure system console  
D776820 Heart rate monitor  
D776808 Absorbent article  
D776807 Nestable specimen collection cup  
D776873 Hair removal device  
D776488 Handle with hook  
D776822 Uniform current distribution electrode for noninvasive brain stimulation  
D776805 Injection catheter handle  
D776806 Joined universal bellow  
D776823 Biological product support element  
D776817 Sealing member for an artificial limb  
D776818 Scanner  
D776812 Adjustment tool for tongue stabilization  
D776821 Vital sign transmitter  
D776874 Hair removing appliance  
D776825 Bioreactor housing  
D776253 Disposable tubeless insulin pump  
D776268 Absorbent article  
D776271 Medical protective shield  
D776291 Fecal specimen collector  
D776259 Intranasal catheter  
D776287 Posture support device  
D776267 Liquid applicator body  
D776254 Handheld respiratory device  
D776260 Intranasal catheter  
D776289 Shell for an orthopedic device  
D776285 Sensing device  
D776296 Adapter  
D776290 Fecal occult blood detector  
D776269 Absorbent article  
D776279 MRI compatible therapeutic gas delivery cart  
D776257 Personal respiratory protection device  
D776266 Liquid applicator body  
D776258 Respirator with face seal multiple flexing region  
D776277 Amniotic membrane perforator  
D776264 Medical injector  
D776278 MRI compatible therapeutic gas injector module  
D776286 Wireless headset for bio signal measurement