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D782696 Container  
D782674 Multi-barbed anchor  
D782673 Industrial endoscope  
D782663 Diaper  
D782669 Grip of laryngoscopes  
D782695 Slide carrier  
D782667 Grip of laryngoscopes  
D782662 Feminine hygiene product  
D782675 Drill handle  
D782690 Sample preparation instrument  
D782341 Glare tester device  
D782665 Connector  
D782691 Cell counter  
D782682 Portable AED (automated external defibrillator)  
D782686 Transducer-electrode pair for a catheter  
D782683 Cardiac acquisition module  
D782664 Reusable carrying handle  
D782679 Prosthetic trainer foot  
D782693 Dispersive insert for pipette tips  
D782657 Oral irrigator handle  
D782680 Tooth cap  
D782684 Ultrasound device  
D782678 Orthokey  
D782670 Endoscope connector  
D782677 Raspatory  
D782656 Oral irrigator  
D782475 Activity tracker band  
D782689 Skin cleanser  
D782654 Respiratory equipment  
D782646 Oral delivery product  
D782653 Respiratory apparatus  
D782694 Filtration device  
D782692 Mixing nozzle for dental impression material  
D782671 Endoscope connector  
D782649 Respiratory apparatus  
D782648 Respiratory apparatus  
D782668 Grip of laryngoscopes  
D782351 Bolt-measuring tool  
D782650 Respiratory apparatus  
D782666 Flange for a surgical tool  
D782647 Respiratory apparatus  
D782659 Applicator unit for a skin care composition  
D782676 Raspatory  
D782661 Feminine hygiene product  
D782655 Patient interface  
D782688 Spa base  
D782672 Operating grip for endoscope  
D782652 Respiratory apparatus  
D782658 Airway device  
D782687 Plurality of strips of kinesiology tape with an X-shaped configuration