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D808011 Injector device  
D808013 Catheter  
D807766 Physiological monitoring apparatus worn on the wrist  
D808037 Canister assembly  
D808036 Cuvette  
D808007 Wearable inhaler  
D808033 Plantar fasciitis foot roller accessory  
D808018 Ear scanner  
D808017 Oxygen concentrating apparatus  
D808014 Light source apparatus for endoscope  
D808026 Border dressing  
D808019 Blood testing device  
D808038 Automated petri plate assessment system  
D808015 Oral care implement  
D808035 Swab device  
D808028 Elbow brace  
D808029 Ankle sleeve  
D808021 Mount for medical equipment accessories  
D808032 Warming personal massager  
D808005 Medical device  
D808027 Moldable wrist brace  
D808025 Border dressing  
D808012 Container holder for liquid dispensing  
D808020 Dental matrix ring  
D808016 Healing scan body for dental implant  
D808009 Bone aspirator  
D808010 Injection device  
D808023 Movement assistance device—hip component  
D808034 Massage appliance  
D808031 Smore shaped teething toy for infant  
D807647 Brace with surface pattern  
D808024 Border dressing  
D808006 Breast pump  
D808039 Reagent plate  
D808008 Elbow module for a patient interface  
D808030 Pair of foot supporters  
D808022 Oral device for preventing snoring and sleep apnea  
D807523 Skin massaging apparatus  
D807498 Automatic speaking valve  
D807508 Bone plate  
D807520 Lip shaping device  
D807521 Calf massaging device  
D807506 Hand-held dental tool and removable soft tips  
D807514 Electronic visual display system  
D807499 Injector device  
D807511 Multi-port hub for inflatable bone tap  
D807497 Pad for forehead support  
D807504 Medical waste disposal bin  
D807502 Enteral syringe  
D807213 Portable testing unit