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D820991 Stiffener receiver and attachment wrap for orthotic device  
D820994 Vibratory massage device  
D820993 Body massage vibrator  
D820978 Wheeled base  
D820995 System including multiple instrument modules and arrangement thereof  
D820987 Microscope stage-top incubator system  
D820996 Cell culture pot  
D820976 Respiratory cheek pad  
D820985 Composite delivery system  
D820986 Integration management system for patient table  
D820984 Pointer tool  
D820981 Stethoscope chestpiece  
D820983 Calibration apparatus  
D820973 Adapter for breast pump for nursing mother  
D820992 Therapeutic suction cup  
D820990 Medical dressing  
D820982 Laryngoscope  
D820977 Medical stand  
D820988 Biomonitoring sensor system for monitoring body chemistry  
D820975 Absorbent article  
D820974 Resistance breathing device  
D820979 Hook assembly  
D820989 Blood testing apparatus  
D820972 Wart freezing device  
D820980 Endoscope connector  
D820460 Head-neck posture device  
D820436 Suction tool  
D820456 Belt bracket of powered air purifying respirator  
D820439 Medicament delivery device  
D820450 Male enhancement and testicle retraction prevention device  
D820437 Medicament delivery device  
D820454 Monitor for an incubator  
D820443 Gas delivery hose support  
D820468 Medical headlamp  
D820442 Suction canister mounting bracket  
D820445 Cheek retractor device  
D820459 Patient table  
D820444 Resectoscope shaft for cold enucleation  
D820453 Table for a magnetic resonance imaging device  
D820462 Spa shell  
D820466 Massaging tool  
D820440 Medicament delivery device  
D820446 Control device for gas feeder for endoscope  
D820257 Monitor  
D820130 Analyte detection system  
D820435 Headgear  
D820455 Filter cover of a powered air purifying respirator  
D820464 Hair removal apparatus  
D820449 Medical securing device  
D820433 Spacer chamber with actuator for an inhaler