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D825761 Part of prosthesis  
D825754 Bipolar forceps  
D825777 Vial processor  
D825739 Modular powered respirator  
D825744 Incontinence pad  
D825745 Device for insertion of a guidewire into a catheter  
D825751 Needle holder for medical purpose  
D825770 Back pressure point massage device  
D825773 Fecal occult blood detector  
D825750 Dispenser tip  
D825762 X-ray shield  
D825743 Absorbent article  
D825740 Surgical mask  
D825763 Ultrasound diagnostic unit  
D825768 Foot massager  
D825766 Bandage  
D825752 Tourniquet  
D825753 Bipolar forceps  
D825778 Vial heating device  
D825765 Probe  
D825757 Apparatus for removing an intraoral device  
D825775 Tube tray  
D825737 Oxygen mask connector  
D825760 Implant  
D825738 Handheld respiratory device  
D825758 Dental instrument  
D825742 Ostomy appliance seal  
D825756 Manual debridement implement  
D825759 Dental instrument  
D825772 Sample collection device of an analyte detection system  
D825755 Bipolar forceps  
D825769 Wearable cooling gel pad  
D825767 Orthosis  
D825774 Process plate  
D825776 Vial processor  
D825356 Wearable device  
D825764 Sound amplifier  
D825749 Pen needle outer cover  
D825771 Scalp massager  
D825747 Enteral syringe  
D825748 Mounting member for a syringe device  
D825746 Syringe-to-syringe coupler  
D825741 Oral irrigator handle  
D825562 Biometric finger scanner  
D825153 Soft sole footwear with adjustable plantar arch support  
D825077 Carrier for an automated petri plate assessment system  
D825072 Adjustable back pad  
D825053 Nasal cannula  
D825059 Dental abutment  
D825069 Massage tool sleeve