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D864382 Antiseptic swab  
D864403 Neck gasket for face soaking device  
D864388 Instrument unit  
D864410 Display device for a measuring apparatus  
D864394 X-ray detector holder  
D864389 Pedicle probe for use with a surgical robotic system  
D864401 Apparatus for acupressure  
D864251 Pregnancy test device display panel with transitional graphical user interface  
D864000 Titrator  
D863781 Brush  
D864398 Blood glucose meter  
D864395 Cover for cancer cell observation camera  
D864412 Cartridge chassis  
D864380 Douche/enema tip adaptable for a water bottle  
D864387 Catheter tip with openings  
D864400 Fetal and material sensor  
D864384 Split-loop offset catheter securement device  
D864391 Intraosseous stylet  
D864399 Teeth-whitening equipment  
D864407 Rechargeable handheld thump massager  
D864386 Surgical instrument actuator end portion  
D864002 Inline pressure sensor and electrical connector  
D864390 Menstrual cup  
D864378 Autoinjector  
D864409 Personal massager  
D864396 Electrocardiograph measuring device  
D864392 Interdental cleaner  
D864397 Blood perfusion apparatus  
D864137 Care apparatus  
D864383 Ostomy appliance seal  
D864393 Magnetic resonance tomography diagnosis apparatus  
D864379 Injector body  
D864411 Multi-hole wash cartridge  
D864415 Particle sorting system  
D864405 Laser hair removal device  
D864408 Vibrator for massage  
D864413 Device for harvesting lymph nodes from fatty tissue  
D864402 Spa  
D864377 Respiratory mask  
D864404 Medical pack  
D864381 Liposuction cannula  
D864414 Tissue graft retainer  
D864385 Medical site cover mounting device  
D864406 Portable skin care apparatus  
D863554 Electronic device  
D863574 Skin care device  
D863390 Ophthalmic lens  
D863536 Respiratory mask  
D863552 Personal hygiene aid jaw member  
D863529 Inhaler