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D787685 Probe for a peripheral ultrasound device  
D787666 Main body for intradermal injection device  
D787689 Wound dressing  
D787674 Tongue cleaner  
D787518 Stylus  
D787691 Sensory chew simulating a dog tag  
D787697 Test reader  
D787695 Blood testing apparatus  
D787676 Dental implant  
D787679 Radio frequency coil for magnetic resonance image device  
D787683 Cover for a probe  
D787703 Inlay for a culture plate  
D787684 Securing mechanism with a probe for a peripheral ultrasound device  
D787346 Body mass index meter with detachable bin  
D787662 Respiratory mask  
D787701 Flow cytometer system shelf unit  
D787702 Tray for sterilization and drying of pistons for syringe  
D787670 Joystick for endoscope operating unit  
D787669 Pen needle outer cover  
D787682 LED assay reader  
D787352 Probe for photoacoustic measurement device  
D787699 Container for cell observation  
D787700 Fluorescent nucleic acid probe detection cartridge assembly unit  
D787660 Respirator mask having a face seal flexing region  
D787668 Gasket for syringe  
D787696 Transporter for a tissue transport system  
D787661 Plenum, clip and nozzles module for patient interface  
D787686 Electrode assembly for a wearable transdermal and transcranial neurostimulator  
D787698 Pipette  
D787665 Curved hypodermic needle  
D787667 Needle for intradermal injection  
D787659 Respirator with face seal flexing region  
D787664 Medical shield remover  
D787690 Kinesiology tape with an x-shaped configuration  
D787671 Meatus measuring tool  
D787678 X-ray apparatus  
D787673 Telescoping plunger  
D787680 Glucose monitor and lancet combination  
D787687 Securing mechanism for a peripheral ultrasound device  
D787693 Cosmetic skin treatment apparatus  
D787681 Well-leg holder for medical procedure  
D787672 Main body of training apparatus for labial muscle  
D787677 Medical apparatus for imaging  
D787692 Sensory chew simulating a skeleton key  
D787351 Probe for photoacoustic measurement device  
D787663 Flexible aspiration cannula  
D787675 Surgical cervical curette  
D787356 Water quality testing card  
D787694 Thermal pack  
D787688 Wound dressing