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D806257 Back brace  
D806242 Flexible port used to connect a wound dressing to a source of negative pressure  
D806247 Biopsy pointer tool  
D806238 Medical liquid applicator with crescent shaped convex part  
D806258 Eye massager  
D806235 Injector device  
D806254 Apparatus for medical diagnosis  
D805926 Medical thermometer  
D806241 Septum seal  
D806237 Applicator  
D806228 Water pick  
D806318 Digital welding goggle  
D806230 Ergonomic medical catheter control handle  
D806244 Catheter actuation handle  
D806261 Medication packaging preparation device  
D806260 Sample carrier  
D806231 Esophageal balloon  
D806245 Medical device handle  
D806233 Powerhead for a power injection system  
D806236 Fluid collection system  
D805933 Flow cytometer chassis  
D806243 Flexible port used to connect a wound dressing to a source of negative pressure  
D806248 Sleeve for an intraoral scanner  
D806256 Medical dressing  
D806251 Hearing aid  
D806234 Injector device  
D806253 Hearing aid  
D806249 Radiation image conversion plate  
D806252 Hearing aid  
D805632 Injector device  
D805639 Controller for liquid injection apparatus  
D805630 Air delivery tube  
D805633 Injector device  
D805640 Needle cartridge for a tattooing apparatus  
D805645 Grillz  
D805650 Automated device for biological sample collection and analyte detection  
D805646 Medical device with display  
D805652 Tissue dying machine for adding contrast material to tissue to improve examination thereof for doctors, hospitals and laboratories  
D805643 Intelligent heart rate monitor ring  
D805649 Fitness and therapeutic roller  
D805644 Bite block lip protector  
D805636 Saliva ejector valve tip  
D805648 Thermal pack  
D805629 Adaptor for inhaled medication delivery  
D805413 Bracelet  
D805635 Disposable pants  
D805638 Adapter collar for a syringe  
D805647 Teether  
D805641 Handle for a dental instrument  
D805637 Medicine injector