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D799046 Apparatus with equipment for analyzing the eyes  
D799028 Toxicology cup  
D799057 Slide rack  
D799035 Endoscope video processor  
D799047 Oral probe  
D799054 Cooling pad  
D799033 Catheter handle  
D799044 NM and CT detector for an imaging system  
D799032 Enteral feeding connector male component  
D799056 Cartridge  
D799039 Instrument port  
D799050 Headgear for electrophysiology measurement and training  
D799038 Handle for laparoscopic device  
D799058 Slide caddy  
D799034 Syringe flange  
D799037 Grid positioning device  
D799052 Orthotic support  
D799040 Dental solution pen applicator  
D799024 Breast shield connector for breast pump  
D799045 Dental X-ray apparatus  
D799043 Dental appliance  
D799059 Surgical Instrument Organizer  
D799041 Palate expander  
D799048 Orthodontic elastomeric ligature tie  
D799030 Medical pump bracket  
D799025 Apparatus to control fluid flow through a tube  
D799042 Orthopedic implant sizing device  
D799026 Injection device  
D799060 Time-indicating medication bottle  
D798460 Eye patch  
D798454 Nasal implant  
D798437 Breathing apparatus  
D798449 Robotic surgical system handpiece  
D798439 Frame assembly cover for a patient interface  
D798452 Removable soft tip for hand-held dental tool  
D798459 Cord carrier for portable dialysis cabinet  
D798441 Fluid bag  
D798462 Clitoral adhesive device  
D798442 Absorbent article substrate with a pattern  
D798443 Videoscope handle  
D798436 Earplug handle  
D798469 Pipette  
D798463 Heel protector  
D798468 Mixer  
D798457 Color key  
D798447 Vaginal dilator  
D798465 Adult sexual novelty device  
D798458 Dental vibration device  
D798446 Elongated medical instrument handle with ridges  
D798445 Electronic medical instrument