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D810310 Dupuytrens extender splint  
D810285 Rectangular wash basin  
D810282 Medical injector  
D810287 Accessory for venous catheter  
D810297 Radiation irradiator for particle beam treatment equipment  
D810301 Pair of midfoot insoles  
D810292 Interdental brushes handle  
D810303 Orthodontic bracket  
D809661 Cervical interbody spacer  
D809410 Flow cytometer sorter chassis  
D809656 Connector for a breathing circuit  
D809666 Neck warmer  
D809657 Exoscope illuminator  
D809655 Container holder for liquid dispensing  
D809652 Drug delivery device  
D809649 Face mask frame for a respiratory interface  
D809668 Upper part of a pipette  
D809646 Breast pump  
D809659 Surgical clip  
D809665 Bandage release liner having a decorative parting line  
D809662 Voice sphygmomanometer  
D809667 Massage appliance  
D809664 Fingertip oximeter  
D809653 Diaper  
D809647 Inhaler with an insert  
D809658 Medical mirror  
D809651 Combination base and reservoir for an oral irrigator  
D809612 Exercise roller  
D809663 Therapeutic electrical stimulation device  
D809654 Bearing for umbilicus of a fluid processing system  
D809650 Oral irrigator  
D809660 Cheek retractor for a dental mouthpiece  
D809648 Inhaler  
D809154 Reagent receptacle  
D809145 Orthodontic elastomeric ligature tie  
D809136 Electrical connector and irrigation connector for irrigation cord assembly  
D809141 Ultrasound imaging display assembly  
D809138 Handle for surgical and dental tool  
D809130 Respirator  
D809149 Knee joint supporter  
D809144 Intelligent heart rate monitor ring  
D809129 Respirator  
D809148 Adhesive tape  
D809152 Disinfection dryer for hearing aid  
D809127 Inhaler refill assembly  
D809128 Nosepiece unit  
D809132 Face mask frame for a respiratory interface  
D809147 Medical equipment accessories and mounts in combination  
D809137 Component of injection device  
D809143 Lateral flow reader