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D819825 Fascia tissue treatment device with a matrix of treatment elements  
D819812 Sacrocolpopexy manipulator  
D819809 Medical syringe extension device  
D819811 Control device for gas feeder for endoscope  
D819432 Screw  
D819801 Elbow for respiratory mask  
D819817 Corneal trephine  
D819800 Mask  
D819814 Menstrual product applicator  
D819217 Probe for an ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus  
D819219 Fixation elbow splint  
D819198 Autoinjector with removable cap  
D818700 Container for medical implant  
D819197 Fluid delivery apparatus  
D819222 Lip suction device  
D819211 Knee supporter  
D819208 Foot file blade  
D819212 Orthopedic hinge  
D819202 Heat and moisture exchanger base plate  
D819224 Urine test device  
D819225 Capillary electrophoresis instrument  
D819213 Set of eye shields  
D819195 Tubing cartridge for an ultrasonic surgical aspirator  
D819223 Transporter for a tissue transport system  
D819218 Joint support wrap  
D819204 Medical device handle  
D819221 Skin treatment apparatus  
D819205 Nasal dilator  
D819216 Work table for endoscope  
D819193 Control panel for positive airway pressure delivery device  
D819214 Eye exam kiosk  
D819209 Calc-slide bone plate  
D819201 Pharmaceutical product cassette for an injection device  
D819220 Dorsal blocking splint  
D818855 Fitness tracker device, module and strap  
D819199 Medical injector pen  
D819196 Handheld oral irrigator  
D819203 Syringe plunger  
D819194 Breathing mask for physical exercise  
D819215 Dental CAD/CAM mandrel  
D819200 Autoinjector with removable cap  
D819210 Foil for dialysis machine  
D819207 Handheld medical instrument  
D819206 Applicator with telescoping plunger  
D818602 Vibrator  
D818596 Massager  
D818576 Finger grip for vaginal/cervical cell collecting tool  
D818586 Tool handle  
D818578 Sanitary article  
D818579 Protective cover