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D794797 X-ray screener  
D794803 Medical device receiver and display in combination  
D794804 Pivot for orthodontic appliance  
D794813 Heat pack  
D794795 Artificial tendon  
D794709 Portable medical training device  
D794773 Oral irrigator  
D794782 Venous access port  
D794799 Medical apparatus for imaging having an ornamentation  
D794777 Housing for a medical injector  
D794796 Intervertebral implant  
D794774 Stylet handle  
D794786 Water leakage detection device for endoscope  
D794815 Hand operated laboratory instrument  
D794783 Sharps container lid  
D794821 NMR tube  
D794791 Trocar  
D794810 Foot physical therapy device  
D794817 Analysis cartridge  
D794818 Analysis cartridge  
D794771 Drug delivery pump  
D794778 Housing for a medical injector  
D794822 Stackable bioreactor for cell cultivation  
D794854 Electric lamp  
D794280 Cooling pack for a vest  
D794811 Pacifier  
D794798 Medical apparatus for imaging  
D794792 Multifunctional orthodontic tool  
D794794 Cranial implant  
D794800 Medical device inserter  
D794789 Electrosurgical forceps  
D794812 Training apparatus  
D794788 Tenaculum  
D794772 Cushion with clip for patient interface  
D794780 Power pack adapted for a blood transfusion and sampling apparatus  
D794823 Electrophoresis tank with a base and cassette inserted in  
D794185 Syringe part  
D794205 Cot fastener  
D794197 Micro-exfoliation roller  
D794175 Adaptor for securing a bag to a breast pump  
D794199 X-ray tube for medical use  
D794204 Shoulder positioning device  
D794209 Low-frequency treatment device  
D794192 Hand grip  
D794203 Set of plates for head support system  
D794176 Suction probe control aperture  
D794211 Sequencing instrument  
D794207 Casing of a hand held ultrasonic flaw detector instrument  
D794195 Punch  
D794183 Dual ended liquid transfer spike