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D802775 Canine and feline tooth sectioning model  
D802783 Vibrator  
D802785 Diagnostic analyzer  
D802757 Drug pellet cartridge  
D802753 Safety syringe  
D802763 Osteotome  
D802784 Massager  
D802773 Orthodontic bracket  
D802747 Reservoir for oral irrigator  
D802786 Molecular diagnostic system  
D802744 Canister for collecting wound exudate  
D802769 Thrombectomy handle assembly  
D802749 Injection device  
D802788 Ozone treatment device with open lid  
D802774 Canine and feline tooth sectioning model  
D802453 Flexible wristband accessory for a wearable fitness monitor  
D802764 Surgical stent  
D802782 Body massaging apparatus  
D802789 Test cup holder  
D802779 Nerve stimulator  
D802777 Probe handle  
D802407 Thread repair insert  
D802746 Snorkel  
D802756 Drug pellet cartridge  
D802748 Syringe assembly having an integrated safety feature  
D802761 Rectal plug  
D802745 Snorkel  
D802750 Injector  
D802132 Controller for a gas feeder for an endoscope  
RE46597 Container holder for a peritoneal dialysis device  
D802150 Pod mount  
D802122 Specimens collector device with a handle  
D802130 Otoscope  
D802158 Ampoule stand  
D802157 Carrier for cell culture  
D801796 Screw head  
D802144 Throat shield for dental procedure  
D802223 Cushioned wrap for a strap of a knee pad  
D802145 Orthodontic appliance  
D802125 Flange extender  
D802155 Body massaging apparatus  
D802131 Blade for a video laryngoscope  
D802139 Blood pressure measuring apparatus  
D802160 Scope tray for modular inserts  
D802119 Oral irrigator  
D802140 Blood pressure measuring device  
D802159 Tray assembly for syringes and ampoules  
D802148 Single patient lift strap device  
D802143 Throat shield for dental procedure  
D802129 Otoscope