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D712064 Needle counter with detachable transfer tray with unwinder  
D712051 Collar for thyroid stimulation  
D712061 Orthopedic case  
D712054 Personal massager  
D712024 Reduced pressure therapy device with alarm clip  
D712066 Column oven for liquid chromatograph analyzer  
D712060 Test tray  
D712030 Kegel balls  
D712045 Wrinkle guard  
D712046 Wound dressing  
D712033 Seal anchor for use in surgical procedures  
D712053 Massaging tool  
D712044 Blood clot prevention device  
D712058 Hand held massager  
D712031 Electrosurgical controller  
D712032 Cutting electrode  
D712063 Needle counter with detachable transfer tray with ribs  
D712037 Ultrasound device display  
D712049 Arm retaining fixture for pediatric intervention  
D712056 Massage tool  
D712047 Wound dressing  
D712027 Y-connector  
D712029 Kegel balls  
D711621 Beverage carbonation tablet  
D712041 Medical table control unit  
D712042 Cart for ultrasonic diagnostic equipment  
D712065 Organizer for liquid chromatograph analyzer  
D712043 Ultrasound scanner support  
D712035 Insert aligning head for a dental handpiece  
D712038 Ultrasound device  
D712026 Bottle  
D712052 Portable tens device  
D712039 Orthodontic fixing apparatus  
D712059 Wearable massager  
D712048 Strap dosing system including a sleeve  
D712025 Syringe barrel  
D712062 Needle counter with detachable transfer tray  
D712050 Teether  
D711531 Injection needle  
D711548 Massager  
D711602 Quick release tourniquet  
D711529 Device for administering drug solution  
D711550 Container for diagnostic products  
D711530 Nozzle  
D711537 Intervertebral implant  
D711527 Microinfuser  
D711434 Checking device  
D711541 Body fluid testing device  
D711542 Dental material dispenser  
D711528 Dry powder inhaler