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D725780 Heater tray for a peritoneal dialysis device  
D725785 Biometric measuring device  
D725775 Jugular tourniquet  
D725788 Roller for cosmetic purposes  
D725783 Rail for adjustable anchoring of dental devices  
D725769 Nasal delivery device  
D725266 Dental measurement device  
8984694 Debris inhibitor for shoes and methods for making same  
The invention provides debris inhibitors and inhibitor systems and methods of making same. The inhibitors and inhibitor systems of the present invention are worn over athletic or outdoor shoes to...
D724892 Cooler for wine/wine pourer  
D725265 Grasper  
D725286 Combined micro tube and cap  
D725274 Medical ultrasound equipment  
D725282 Teat  
D725260 Ergonomic bodily fluid collection container  
D725271 Pump bulb with three lobes for an implantable penile prosthetic  
D725268 Dental measurement device  
D725278 Bite guard mounting guide  
D725285 Touchscreen instrument  
D725263 Endoscope hood  
D725279 Orthodontic bracket  
D725277 Door for a peritoneal dialysis device  
D725276 EKG monitor  
D725281 Adjustable head rest  
D725284 Detection instrument  
D725275 Scanner for tomographic imaging apparatus  
D725270 Intervertebral implant  
D725269 Implant assembly  
D725273 X-ray imaging device  
D725267 Dental measurement device  
D725259 Frame for respiratory mask  
D725262 Microneedle applicator  
D725280 Bite guard mouthpiece  
D725272 Medical imaging system  
D725261 Blood flow chamber  
D725264 Blistered dispenser  
D725283 Couple's massager  
D724740 Enclosure for a peritoneal dialysis device  
D724739 Automated external defibrillator connector  
D724751 Massaging balls with elastic interconnecting bar  
D724723 Disposable, portable male urinal  
D724733 Interbody bone implant  
D724708 Sink  
D724456 Sample preparation and liquid chromatography system  
D724732 Surgical instrument  
D724744 Dental oven  
D724747 Teat  
D724738 Dual monitor portable X-ray system  
D724735 Floating handle for X-ray mammography machine  
D724778 Oral product  
D724750 Self-massage roller with bottle