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D715448 Infusion therapy shirt  
D715455 Portion of a biochemical analyzer  
D715445 Portable ultrasound imaging device  
D715446 Heart rate monitor  
D715435 Ultrasonic osteotome  
D715443 X-ray device  
D715451 Container nipple connector  
D715433 Exoscope  
D715456 Biochemical analyzer  
D715449 Finger training ring  
D715450 Child's lollipop teething toy  
D715440 Control arm for a medical ultrasound device  
D715436 Ultrasonic osteotome  
D715441 X-ray tube stand  
D715437 Extraction tool  
D715452 Massage tool  
D715454 Cooling face mask  
D714931 Subcutaneous needle assembly  
D714951 Pedicure spa  
D714938 Surgical nail  
D714955 Recognition test strip  
D714935 Adapter for connecting a needle to a syringe  
D714929 Base for water flosser  
D714936 Facelift wand  
D714952 Roller  
D714956 3-dimensional large capacity cell encapsulation device  
Module for extra-corporeal heart and/or lung support
D714940 Medical X-ray imaging apparatus  
D714953 Vibrator  
D714957 Sample card magazine  
D714958 Beverage capsule tray  
D714945 Pair of doors for a portable dialysis cabinet  
D714950 Food feeder sac  
D714933 Plunger rod  
D714948 Monitor for analyte detection  
D714944 Portable dialysis cabinet  
D714941 Stand for X-ray imaging apparatus  
D714943 Holder for CAD/CAM blanks  
D714937 Medical device  
D714954 Gravimetric dilutor for microbiological analysis  
D714932 Automatic injection device  
D714946 Handle for portable dialysis cabinet  
D714934 Plunger rod  
D714939 Prosthetic foot with a colored edge  
D714959 Beam dump assembly  
D714930 Reservoir for water flosser  
D714949 Ungulate poultice wrap  
D714942 ECG sensor  
D714434 Elbow connector with exhaust port and nebulizer  
D714454 Medical cart