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D753833 Electrode cap  
D753811 Respiratory device  
D753812 Breathing apparatus  
D753820 Ostomy bag  
D753836 Compression elbow sleeve  
D753818 Tracheostomy tube  
D753816 Oxygen face mask with capnography monitoring ports  
D753829 Vessel for a respirometer  
D753824 Vaginal manipulator  
D753825 Transparent anal plug  
D753822 Endoscope  
D753837 Component of a strap dosing system  
D753814 Cushion for respiratory mask  
D753821 Nasal dilator device  
D753828 Scanner for an X-ray tomography diagnosis apparatus  
D753826 Bipolar cutting instrument  
D753819 Cushion for respiratory mask  
D753810 Wound therapy device  
D753831 Portable hanging tower for medical use  
D753838 Magnetic force attenuator for a cosmetic skin treatment apparatus  
D753817 Tracheostomy tube  
D753516 Dosimetric helmet  
D753834 Dosing card for a topical preparation  
D753832 Apparatus for measuring physiological signal  
D753823 Endoscope control grip  
D753815 Frame for respiratory mask  
D753285 Dry powder nebulizer device  
D753290 Sheath set  
D753304 Dental elevator  
D753298 Endoscope control grip  
D753296 Endoscope  
D753314 Wearable monitoring device  
D753308 Portable skin imaging device  
D753306 Spinal disc implant with conic protrusions  
D753292 Fluid dispensing ampoule  
D753283 Medical instrument for suction and irrigation  
D753309 Slit lamp  
D753294 Nasal dilator  
D753297 Exoscope/optical instrument  
D753288 Base port for containers for clinical application intended for the administration of drugs and feeds  
D753291 Medicament injection device  
D753289 Sheath  
D753303 Trocar  
D753287 Face mask for administration of gaseous anesthesia  
D753311 Isothermal nucleic acid amplification meter  
D753310 Medical trolley  
D753282 Nebulizer  
D753307 Femoral prosthesis  
D753300 Grasping forceps  
D753313 Home medical instrument