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D781424 Fluorescent X-ray coating thickness gauge  
D781436 Sample container  
D781420 Ophthalmic surgical manipulator  
D781429 Sacral support  
D781421 Surgical implant for a human ear  
D781414 Roller pump  
D781499 Combined skin treatment article and docking device  
D781416 Medical device handle  
D781417 Male enteral coupling  
D781433 Spa shell  
D781419 Argon beam coagulation flex probe for laparoscopic surgery  
D781249 Remote controller  
D781411 Dialysis machine  
D781422 Knee implant  
D781412 Inhaler  
D781430 Power assist suit  
D781437 Cell culture module  
D781435 Device for applying stimulation to the foot or feet of a person  
D780915 Nasal applique  
D780911 Absorbent article substrate with a pattern  
D780918 Welded end effector  
D780921 Spinal disc implant with conic protrusions  
D780932 Heel support device  
D780929 Medical equipment component  
D780928 Blood component measurement apparatus  
D780909 Autoinjector pen  
D780914 Catheter adhesive device  
D780913 Syringe barrel  
D780912 Bumper  
D780930 Surgical table peg pad  
D780936 Dental device holder  
D780910 Absorbent article substrate with a pattern  
D780922 Bone plate  
D780916 Endoscope connector  
D780906 Respiratory treatment device  
D780925 Single ray bone plate  
D780997 Foot file  
D780908 Handheld oral irrigator  
D780934 Spa exterior  
D780926 Bone plate  
D780920 Dental light hardening device  
D780923 Bone plate  
D780917 Display for industrial endoscope  
D780933 Skin treatment apparatus  
D780935 Imaging machine  
D780907 Nebulizer mask  
D780924 Bone plate  
D780919 Cell collection device  
D780927 Fluorescent X-ray coating thickness gauge  
D780931 Medical appliance for being positioned around a wrist