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D825056 Optical forceps  
D825074 Freezing preservation container  
D825065 Finger splint  
D825064 Finger splint  
D825061 Diagnostic test device  
D825071 Gel pack for test tubes  
D825062 Bandage  
D825057 Bipolar forceps  
D825078 Sequencing cartridge  
D825058 Bipolar Forceps  
D825054 Enema bottle with perforated shrink-wrapped tamper seal  
D825066 Surgical arm  
D825075 Test strip holding device  
D825055 Diaper fastening tab  
D824511 Frame of a patient interface  
D824523 Sensor  
D824535 Pipette tip sheet  
D824516 Finger grip for syringe  
D824515 Winged IV, arterial and midline catheter securement device  
D824513 Female urination device  
D824536 Diagnostic analyzer  
D824509 Inoculator  
D824526 Adhesive patch system  
D824532 Device for analysis of biological materials  
D824522 Tourniquet  
D824371 Headphone  
D824514 Catheter anchor pad with release layer  
D824512 Grip aid for a catheter  
D824528 Portable breast light assembly  
D824525 Release paper for wound treament devices  
D824510 Inhaler  
D824521 Ultrasound imaging assembly  
D824533 Medical cleaning and disinfection apparatus  
D824530 Blood collecting device  
D824520 X-ray marker  
D824529 Rechargeable personal home-use skin treatment device with charging cradle  
D824534 Reagent reservoir liner  
D824531 Biological sample collector device  
D824519 X-ray marker with a swivel  
D824517 Blood sampling device  
D824518 Spinal implant  
D824524 Enteral feeding pump accessory bag and carrying case  
D824527 Splint  
D824026 Holder for single-use container  
D824040 Bottle  
D824015 Inhaler  
D824027 Fins for a support column for a surgical trajectory frame  
D824023 Injection device  
D824035 Portable traction device  
D824030 Valve membrane