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D728782 Medical injector  
D728791 Ultrasound diagnosis apparatus  
D728803 Bandage with embossed pad  
D728802 Ultrasonic probe  
D728787 Lancet assembly  
D728813 Massage stone  
D728792 X-ray device  
D728799 Leg elevation apparatus  
D728811 Thermal pack  
D728786 Vessel sealer with mechanical cutter and pistol-grip-style trigger  
D728779 Bumper of a medical pump  
D728807 Head restraint  
D728797 Vision assessment apparatus  
D728809 Lower body sauna  
D728781 Dental material dispenser tip  
D728777 Helmet plenum  
D728778 Frame for a patient interface assembly  
D728814 Instrument for treatment of soft tissue  
D728776 Light source  
D728795 Dental positioning ring  
D728812 Massage therapy tool  
D728784 Energy guide  
D728783 Medicament package  
D728817 Patient positioning frame  
D728785 Anal plug  
D728806 Elbow brace  
D728794 X-ray device  
D728796 Elephant shaped incentive spirometer  
D728801 Electrode headset  
D728798 Mobile arm support with adjustable height  
D728816 Cup  
D728800 Surgical arm support  
D728789 Intraocular lens  
D728780 Dental material dispenser tip  
D728788 Dental tool  
D728818 Microplate  
D728819 Temporary instrument holder, sharps protector, passing aid and safety transport apparatus  
D728804 Postoperative compression binder  
D728815 Scalp soother  
D728121 Diagnostic instrument with a display screen  
D728124 Portion of a biochemical analyzer  
D728095 Cell encapsulation device  
D728126 Cooling container  
D728093 Enteral feeding device  
D728119 Couple's massager  
D728094 Device for storing and dispensing a medicament  
D728097 Device to prevent anal leakage  
D728112 Compression calf sleeve  
D728106 Digital breast tomosynthesis machine  
D728125 Polymerase chain reaction instrument