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D768847 Roller pump  
D768871 Bottle  
D768867 Massage therapy device  
D768866 Nerve stimulator  
D768850 Needle shield  
D768854 Endoscopic video camera  
D768860 Tree form ear tip  
D768870 Inversion plate  
D768846 Airway device  
D768869 Specimen sampling implement  
D768851 Safety needle device  
D768868 Oocyte cryopreservation tool  
D768853 Medical instrument with waffle handle with bent shaft  
D768863 Orthodontic lingual ligature  
D768623 Wearable device  
D768845 Expiratory muscle strength trainer adapter  
D768857 Straight interproximal dental tool with sandpaper on one side and sharp razor blade edge  
D768873 Multiple cartridge case gauge  
D768219 Robot system for medical surgeries  
D768288 Drug delivery pump  
D768289 Dual roller pump assembly  
D768312 Compact bioreactor for cell cultivation  
D768291 Applicator for liquid pharmaceutical compositions  
D768283 Supplement tablet  
D768310 Massage therapy device  
D768298 Straight interproximal dental tool with sandpaper on both sides and sharp razor blade edge  
D768287 Nasal interface base  
D768299 Computer tomography apparatus  
D768295 Surgical instrument end portion  
D768301 Teething ring  
D768308 Massage therapy device  
D768311 Remote controller for vibrators  
D768290 Roller pump  
D768296 Surgical reference clamp  
D768292 Mold swab testing tip  
D768294 Body liner for anal leakage  
D768306 Strap band  
D768297 Multi-barbed anchor  
D768307 Massage therapy device  
D768309 Massage therapy device  
D768302 Teething ring  
D768293 Topical applicator  
D768303 Teething ring  
D768305 Miniature lip plumper with lip-shaping mouthpiece  
D768304 Infant feed bottle  
D768313 Autoclave  
D768285 Respiratory apparatus  
D768300 Electronic wristband  
D768284 Earplug  
D767781 Massager