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D723689 Surgical scissors  
D723684 Industrial endoscope  
D723680 Nasal airway tube  
D723686 Electrosurgical hand piece  
D723700 Touch screen display device  
D723250 Slipper  
D723703 Wound dressing  
D723681 Female enteral coupling  
D723690 Spinal implant  
D723709 Pendant for sexual stimulation  
D723705 Controller for electrode patch  
D723698 Eye shield  
D723693 Operation device for a magnetic resonance tomography diagnosis apparatus  
D723704 Wound dressing  
D723687 Electrosurgical hand piece  
D723712 Plate for holding plurality of reaction vessels  
D723699 Display device  
D723707 Massage appliance  
D723683 Gas feeder for endoscope  
D723702 Wound dressing  
D723682 Bone graft delivery tool  
D723701 Light shielding sheet of a biological optical measuring instrument  
D723708 Massage appliance  
D723696 Blood glucose meter  
D723695 Blood glucose meter  
D723710 Portable roller massager  
D723679 Headgear clip for a patient interface assembly  
D723706 Spa shell  
D723685 Disposable tattoo handgrip  
D723711 Vibrator  
D723694 Monitoring system  
D723691 Cervical cage  
D723171 Hearing prosthesis sleeve  
D723175 Wound dressing  
D722805 Formula dispenser  
D723172 Orthodontic bracket  
D723180 Sample handling tool  
D723160 Exfoliation tool  
D723162 Soft tissue implant  
D723166 Stent  
D723164 Breast implant sizer  
D723179 Vibrator  
8961558 Treatment tool for endoscope  
A treatment tool for an endoscope includes a forcep sheath, a first forcep cup and a second forcep cup which are attached to a distal end of the forcep sheath, and which cooperate with each other...
D723176 Wound dressing  
D723174 Elastic therapeutic tape with a surface pattern  
D723157 Drug delivery pump  
D723167 Breast compression plate for radiation-image capturing device  
D723178 Electronic massager  
D723170 Glucose meter  
D722778 Pedicure chair