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D719662 Neck support  
D719670 Liquid chromatograph  
D719668 Cytometer  
D719661 Spinal support  
D719666 Cell detection system with touchscreen  
D719262 Portable ultrasound display device  
D719261 Shoulder prosthesis  
D719266 Dental appliance  
D719274 Massage head unit  
D719267 Analyte sensor  
D719277 Electrophoresis wedge-well comb  
D719275 Instrument for medical and laboratory diagnosis  
D719254 Elbow connector for respiratory mask  
D719269 Nursing bottle  
D719258 Tubing connector for breast pumps  
D719259 Ultrasonic observation device for an endoscope  
D719024 Novelty screw on bottle cap having lips  
D719273 Massage head unit  
D719265 Cervical vertebra stretch device  
D719257 Medical injector  
D719256 Safety device for indwelling needle  
D719268 Pacifier for babies  
D719260 Keyboard for an ultrasonic observation device for an endoscope  
D719272 Active self-warming blanket  
D719263 Sphygmomanometer  
D719271 Foot rest  
D719276 Immunohematology manual work station  
D719270 Portable therapeutic device  
D719264 Heart rate belt  
D719255 Indwelling needle with safety device  
D718859 Dental scaler  
D718861 Prosthetic foot component  
D718871 Cartridge filling device  
D718874 Cover for handle  
D718857 Vaginal applicator  
D718863 Prosthetic tissue valve  
D718869 Reversible and four way elastic bandage  
D718855 Base for water flosser  
D718872 Sample cassette for a diagnostic instrument  
D718870 Pain relief orb  
D718873 Sample cassette for a diagnostic instrument  
D718867 Device for measuring heart rate  
D718862 Prosthetic tissue valve  
D718858 Dental filing tool  
D718865 Prosthetic tissue valve  
D718856 Suction cobb periosteal elevator  
D718866 Heart rate belt  
D718868 Device for measuring heart rate  
D718860 Lumbar interbody spacer implant  
D718864 Prosthetic tissue valve