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D708346 Laminar flow swim spa jet  
D708335 X-ray machine  
D708334 Tray for a medical ultrasound device  
D708329 Laparoscopic knot pushing device  
D708053 Seat clamp  
D708328 Insertion device and component  
D708324 Tunneling tool  
D708318 Dosing spoon  
D708347 Syringe holder  
D708342 Bandage strip  
D708344 Ankle brace  
D708322 Catheter securement device  
D708317 Autoinjector  
D707844 Device for microbiological analysis  
D707826 Blood glucose meter  
D707818 Capsulorhexis handpiece  
D707828 Electrosurgical return electrode with patient map  
D707843 Device for microbiological analysis  
D707832 Wound protector  
D707847 Anti-static pipette tip tray assembly  
D707845 Dividable microplate cover sheet  
D707827 Vital signs monitor  
D707834 Baby bottle holder  
D707823 Incubator housing  
D707836 Pedicure spa base  
D707821 Container for intraocular lens  
D707810 Condom  
D707814 Nasal dilator  
D707813 Absorbent article with a pattern  
D707819 Surgical stapler cartridge  
D707815 Nasal dilator  
D707839 Light therapy device  
D707835 Electric scalp massager  
D707841 Holder for hand-operated male masturbation device  
D707840 Hand-operated male masturbation device  
D707820 Contoured tip  
D707833 Limb support  
D707824 Connector for blood circuit  
D707817 Surgical forceps  
D707829 Adhesive bandage with decorated pad  
D707825 Connector for blood circuit  
D707846 Sample card magazine  
D707848 Tray for vital signs monitor  
D707812 Sanitary napkin  
D707811 Medical injector  
D707830 Strap tab for a strap  
D707831 Strap tab for a strap  
D707837 Pad  
D707822 Tympanic membrane pressure equalization tube  
D707842 Massaging backrest