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D734463 Single vent directional reamer tip  
D734489 Centrifuge  
D734478 Medical device for noninvasive electrical brain stimulation  
D734446 Breathing apparatus  
D734556 Mouthguard with lipguard  
D734464 Dental abutment  
D734484 Liquid chromatograph  
D734477 Valve  
D734427 Nozzle  
D734466 Dental implant  
D734473 Remote control for a hearing aid  
D734460 Shank for surgical drill  
D734472 Hearing aid  
D734479 Dermatological treatment device  
D734095 Drinking cup  
D734458 Hernia mesh  
D734480 Massage roller  
D734481 Skin massager  
D733902 Sexual wellness device  
D733873 Probe holder  
D733916 Liquid duct  
D733906 Sample transporting apparatus  
D733900 Perineal rehabilitation controller  
D733907 Sample transporting apparatus  
D733893 Plaster with medication dispenser  
D733880 Surgical trocar  
D733885 Dental abutment  
D733901 Spa and pool faceplate  
D733881 Tissue boring drill tip  
D733890 Shade guide  
D733867 Surgical cassette for a surgical system  
D733910 Pipette  
D733918 Electrophoresis cassette  
D733879 Handle for surgical trocar  
D733882 Multi-directional tissue reamer tip  
D733897 Orthotic support  
D733876 Atherectomy system handle with cartridge  
D733920 Electrophoresis buffer pad holder  
D733887 Ventilator core  
D733877 Atherectomy system cartridge  
D733865 Earplug switch  
D733894 Popliteal open/closed knee brace  
D733886 Provisional dental implant  
D733903 Vibrator  
D733884 Adjustable adapter  
D733922 Electro-blotting card  
D733874 Control handle for a medical device  
D733871 Medicament cartridge  
D733598 Biometric monitor  
D733889 Remote control for a hearing aid