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D740431 Electronic device  
D740410 Catheter insertion device  
D740426 Fluid cartridge  
D740439 Substrate for spectroscopic analysis  
D740415 Stethoscope chestpiece  
D740411 Device for pressure control  
D740412 Lower portion of a liquid dispensing syringe  
D740423 Focused tissue boring tip with water vent  
D740413 Skin rejuvenation apparatus  
D740419 Suture anchor  
D740437 Pipette barrel  
D740414 Operation handle for medical manipulator system  
D740424 Metatarsal phalangeal length restoration disc  
D740440 Substrate for spectroscopic analysis  
D740441 Eye and face wash system  
RE45714 Hand implant  
D740408 Collection tool  
D740417 Suture anchor  
D740430 Fluid dispensing pacifier  
D740436 Pipette barrel  
D740416 Surgical ocular clip  
D740420 Trocar  
D740429 Skin patch  
D740418 Suture anchor  
D740432 Massage tool  
D740422 Lancing device  
D740433 Hand-held massaging device  
D740425 Dental abutment  
D739939 Sphygmomanometer  
D739934 Composite syringe  
D739933 Applicator  
D739936 Ventilator monitor  
D739952 Adhesive film mounted adulteration test panel  
D739931 Enteral feeding pump cassette  
D739951 Personal massager  
D739932 Medicament injection device  
D739940 Sphygmomanometer  
D739941 Sphygmomanometer  
D739943 Heart rate belt  
D739680 Beverage capsule tray  
D739953 Vial assembly  
D739950 Massage device  
D739935 Interbody bone implant  
D739770 Sensor for respiratory gas monitoring  
D739947 Anesthetic apparatus  
D739945 Blood glucose meter  
D739944 Heart rate belt  
D739938 Sphygmomanometer  
D739930 Electronic nasal aspirator  
D739937 Fluid cartridge