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D764069 Pregnancy test stick  
D764064 Securing mechanism for a peripheral ultrasound device  
D764068 Sterilization cassette  
D764060 Electrocardiography device  
D764058 Proximal tooth separator  
D764052 Portable female urine collection device  
D764066 Massage roller  
D764062 Orthotic device  
D764059 Chest pad for CPR feedback device  
D764063 Medical equipment subcomponent  
D763705 Beverage lid  
D763938 Optical sensor array  
D764051 Oral irrigator  
D764054 Insertion instrument  
D763939 Optical sensor array liner with optical sensor array pad  
D764067 Sterilization cassette  
D763453 Micro-coil array  
D763456 Pedicure spa base  
D763449 Dental matrix ring  
D763455 Collar for thyroid stimulation  
D763450 Surgical headrest pad  
D763442 Handpiece for surgical instrument  
D763446 Medical device  
D763448 Dental bur  
D763444 Cheek retractor device  
D763458 Thermal torso wrap  
D763461 Head massager  
D763436 Respiratory mask cushion  
D763459 Portable back massager  
D763440 Female urinal funnel  
D763447 Surgical navigation instrument  
D763433 Delivery system cassette  
D763452 Ultrasonic probe  
D763107 Fitness monitoring capsule for wristband  
D763439 Y-shaped ostomy tape  
D763445 Medical device  
D763435 Adaptor for securing a bag to a breast pump  
D763437 Respirator cartridge body  
D763464 Pipette stand  
D763434 Intranasal therapy delivery system  
D763441 Sanitary napkin  
D763443 Tattoo tube grip  
D763460 Stretch device  
D763462 Baby soothing device  
D763463 Portion cup  
D763438 Medical instrument  
D763457 Convex-sided spa  
D763454 Toe separator  
D763451 Medical apparatus  
D762852 Medical instrument with spiral tip