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D773056 Wearable medical data collection apparatus for collecting ECG data  
D773045 Cutting electrode  
D773055 Breath cartridge and handle in combination  
D773037 Cassette for a peristaltic pump  
D773059 Sacral wound dressing  
D773047 Bone filler particle  
D773040 Absorbent article substrate with a pattern  
D772215 Electronic device case with stethoscope  
D772421 Hexagonal inflatable spa  
D772402 Absorbent article  
D772427 Microfluidic cartridge  
D772420 Spa  
D772414 Device for protection against x-rays  
D772395 Respiratory apparatus  
D772415 X-ray shield  
D772396 Handheld oral irrigator  
D772406 Surgical device  
D772423 Heart shaped vibrator  
D772408 Nasal dilator  
D772405 Absorbent article substrate with a pattern  
D772400 Applicator  
D772425 Container  
D772407 Liquid dispenser having a tapered tip  
D772412 Medical navigation instrument  
D772401 Absorbent article  
D772416 Electrocardiogram lead separator  
D772399 Extended enema device applicator  
D772409 Applicator with telescoping plunger  
D772086 Housing for biochemical analysis apparatus  
D772403 Absorbent article  
D772419 Rejuvenating massage device  
D772426 Pipette system cartridge  
D772397 Oral irrigator with a charging device  
D772398 Flocked swab  
D772410 Hernia mesh  
D772413 Breast compression plate for radiation-image capturing device  
D772394 Respiratory apparatus  
D772373 Gun cleaning tool  
D772404 Architectural accent  
D772418 Shell for an orthopedic device  
D772424 Arcuate member for moving liquids along a microscope slide  
RE46207 Magnetic separation apparatus  
D772411 Trocar for tongue stabilization  
D772428 Cartridge housing  
D772417 Hearing aid  
D772422 Personal massager  
D771803 Portable urinal device  
D771834 Microfluidic cartridge  
D771806 Medical fluid connector  
D771820 Patient information device