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D783848 Combined base and basin for a pedicure spa  
D783855 Specimen tube bracelet  
D783821 Bone screw  
D783817 Animal pessary  
D783814 Adapter for flatus release  
D783833 Device for holding small parts  
D783801 Oral delivery product  
D783849 Convex-sided spa  
D783810 Handle for an oral irrigator  
D783840 Moisture shield with release liner  
D783830 Scanner for an X-ray tomography diagnosis apparatus  
D783812 Absorbent article with channels  
D783829 Medical X-ray equipment  
D783800 Oral delivery product  
D783807 Respiratory apparatus  
D783826 Root part for a dental implant  
D783843 Wound filler  
D783847 Base for a pedicure foot spa  
D783851 Convex-sided spa  
D783822 Root part for a dental implant  
D783802 Textured prophylactic  
D783332 Adjustable bed with bedpan  
D783824 Root part for a dental implant  
D783803 Breastshield connector for breast pump  
D783836 Patient monitor  
D783811 Sanitary pad trim  
D783853 Convex-sided spa  
D783819 Scanbody  
D783846 Spa  
D783389 Mounting plate for a patient support cart  
D783844 Orthopedic-cast cover  
D783842 Gauze bandage  
D783818 Electrode  
D783850 Convex-sided spa  
D783856 Corner protector for instrument sterilization tray  
D783809 Oral irrigator handle  
D783834 Leg support  
D783606 Activity tracker band  
D783804 Respiratory apparatus  
D783831 Medical X-ray imaging apparatus  
D783820 Finger tip shaped enclosure  
D783832 Automated external defibrillator electrode pad  
D783838 Portable wireless vital signs scanner  
D783827 Medical X-ray equipment  
D783828 Medical X-ray equipment  
D783815 Male dual lumen bayonet connector  
D783845 Bracer  
D783816 Autoinjector cap  
D783839 Hygienic support  
D783806 Respiratory apparatus