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D777929 R-Appliance  
D777921 Interbody bone implant  
D777905 Nasal mask  
D777922 Protective cover of imaging plate for X-ray inspection  
D777931 Oral dental appliance  
D777924 Sphygmomanometer  
D777936 Arm sling  
RE46289 Medical dressing  
D777916 Guide wire for medical use  
D777928 Ophthalmic lens  
D777909 Liquid applicator body  
D777927 Electrocardiograph  
D777907 Medical injector pen  
D777934 Patch  
D777914 Surgical instrument  
D777340 Massage roller  
D777334 Three fingered compression garment  
D777330 Snore stopper  
D777319 Catheter  
D777048 Diagnostic analyzer  
D777337 Decorative cushion massage device  
D777343 Body fluid cartridge device  
D777325 Syringe tip  
D777318 Catheter  
D777326 Surgical tool  
D777320 Catheter  
D777331 Electronic module  
D777322 Disposable cartridge for a dialysis machine  
D777316 Nasal airway tube  
D777315 Evacuated air chamber  
D777328 Operating grip for endoscope  
D777323 Medical container  
D777049 Diagnostic analyzer  
D777336 Decorative cushion massage device  
D777324 Medical shield remover  
D777317 Cannula and cap  
D777332 Absorbent pad  
D777338 Cryotherapy applicator for cooling tissue  
D777342 Centrifuge bottle handle  
D777333 Two fingered compression garment  
D777327 Endoscopic video camera  
D777321 Liquid medicine injection device  
D777335 Frame for neurological fixation device  
D777329 Bone staple  
D777339 Wearable phototherapy apparatus for hair and scalp treatment  
D777341 Reaction container  
D776809 Medical device  
D776813 Tracking pattern holder  
D776816 Sealing member for an artificial limb  
D776810 Otoscope