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D756521 Oral sleep appliance upper component  
D756527 Skin clearing and toning device  
D756524 Protective cover for a subdermal needle electrode cable assembly  
D756523 Docking station of remote medical system  
D756518 Applicator  
D756520 Oral sleep appliance lower component  
D756506 Pen-shaped injection device  
D756514 Stethoscope  
D756526 Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation device  
D756508 Sanitary napkin  
D756519 Respiratory apparatus  
D756252 Sample press for spark optical emission spectrometer  
D755969 Scalpel tip  
D755956 Cassette device for administering medication  
D755963 Medical instrument for dilating structures  
D755962 Medical line anchor  
D755977 Dental instrument  
D755981 Arm support device  
D755957 Dental carpule  
D755986 Cell encapsulation device  
D755966 Medical device  
D755953 Breathing mask  
D755972 Holder for digital dental X-ray sensor  
D755976 Hearing aid charger housing  
D755949 Tablet  
D755950 Inhaler  
D755979 Rehabilitation equipment  
D755951 Face protector for use with air mask  
D755983 Teething toy  
D755978 EKG viewing tool  
D755959 Surface pattern for an absorbent article  
D755968 Medical device  
D755954 Mask for ventilating bag  
D755952 Breathing mask  
D755967 Medical device  
D755984 Breast comfort pack  
D755964 Medical device  
D755965 Guide wire for medical use  
D755961 Surface pattern for an absorbent article  
D755971 Femoral component  
D755960 Surface pattern for an absorbent article  
D755973 Anaerobic cardio trainer  
D755982 Toe protector  
D755980 Wound dressing  
D755955 Syringe with a cap  
D755958 Topsheet for a sanitary towel  
D755974 Blood pressure monitor  
D755985 Gum massager  
D755975 Latch for an enclosure door  
D755970 Contact lens extractor