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D717956 Biosensor wristband  
D717959 Open ear hearing aid  
D717939 Face mask seal  
D717968 Multi-block PCR thermal cycler device  
D717952 Cardiac support net  
D717948 Lower cap for a liquid dispensing syringe  
D717447 Orthodontic appliance  
D717432 Laparoscopic port  
D717430 Syringe cap  
D717424 Inhalation spacer  
D717467 Device for preparing and transferring reaction mixture  
D717438 Fluid cartridge  
D717429 Plunger rod  
D717462 Cell capture system  
D717446 Electrocardiograph  
D717460 Cell detection system  
D717456 Personal massager  
D717468 Microwell strip  
D717433 Orthopedic dual sliding compression plate  
D717428 Medical injector  
D717464 Base assembly  
D717458 Electronic massager  
D717436 Implant fixture  
D717459 Diagnostic device  
D717440 Sphygmomanometer  
D717451 Orthodontic appliance  
D717465 Dispenser  
D717461 Add-on sample buffer module  
D717444 Automatic external defibrillator training device  
D717423 Oral dosage tablet  
D717450 Orthodontic appliance  
D717437 Radiation irradiator for particle beam treatment equipment  
D717439 Sphygmomanometer  
D717449 Orthodontic appliance  
D717431 Applicator instrument  
D717455 Glass bowl for foot spa  
D717434 Implant fixture  
D717442 Defibrillator  
D717441 Medical device housing for an electrocardiography device or the like  
D717466 Device for preparing and transferring reaction mixture  
D717445 ECG patient cable yoke  
D717427 Handle for water flosser  
D717426 Forehead pad  
D717425 Inhalator  
D717453 Calf pad  
D717443 Ear worn sensor device  
D717470 Modular cartridge assembly  
D717452 Organ protection layer  
D717457 Massager  
D717435 Implant fixture