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RE46016 Incubator housing  
D757937 Medical luminaire  
D757944 Hearing aid battery door  
D757936 Removable stethoscope cover  
D757722 Wearable device  
D757954 Thermal therapy blanket  
D757575 Electronic device  
D757939 Medical X-ray imaging apparatus  
D757945 Hearing aid battery door  
D757947 Disposition monitor  
D757932 Toilet seat cover for a diaper  
D757929 Coupling for nasal interface hose  
D757955 Therapeutic light source  
D757951 Therapeutic band  
D757948 Portable clinical cervical traction device  
D757950 Wound pad  
D757926 Usage monitoring attachment for a soft mist inhaler  
D757934 Blood flow chamber  
D757956 Ampoule  
D757574 Electronic device  
D757946 Sleep management device  
D757935 Rotation wheel extension  
D757949 Physiotherapy apparatus  
D757583 Fitness device  
D757928 Respirator cartridge body  
D757933 Dual vial adapter assemblage  
D757953 Skin care device  
D757927 Frame for patient interface  
D757930 Nasal pillow  
D757940 Radiography and fluoroscopy system  
D757941 Ventilator core  
D757952 Electrical connector  
D757942 Implantable cardiological monitoring device  
D757943 Spinous process plate  
D757265 Endoscope  
D757266 Trocar  
D757366 Chest device  
D757248 Respiratory mask filter  
D757243 Tracheostomy cover plate  
D757288 Knee support massager  
D757267 Lancet protective cap with two cup-shape openings  
D757276 Comfort patch  
D757260 Quick connect fluid connector component  
D757277 Wristguard  
D757290 Ankle support massager  
D757280 Heat pad  
D757258 Container seal  
D757247 Respirator cartridge  
D757282 Control panel for a spa  
D756824 Electronic device