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D732181 Handheld massager  
D732185 Instrument housing  
D732187 Aliquot tray  
D732178 Half body sauna  
D732158 Breathing assistance apparatus  
D732186 Cartridge  
D732169 Dental implant abutment  
D732163 Instrument for treating an ocular disorder  
D732184 Massager container  
D732183 Personal massager  
D732159 Headgear  
D732162 Automatic injection device  
D732164 Electrosurgical wand distal tip  
D732161 Intradermal injection device  
D732174 Leg support  
D732160 Intravenous catheter  
D732176 Orthosis  
D732172 Filter cartridge for cleaning water of endoscope  
D732175 Monitoring hub  
D732173 Cardiac monitor  
D732182 Mini foot massager  
D731659 Sleep appliance  
D731645 Sanitary napkin  
D731654 Dental teeth device  
D731640 Reservoir for a water flosser  
D731648 Electrosurgical instrument  
D731655 Dental implant abutment  
D731658 Test strip cartridge for blood glucose meters  
D731672 Vessel assembly  
D731639 Tracheostomy cover plate  
D731642 Container for liquid  
D731664 Knee sauna  
D731649 Manipulator device for a milling tool for prosthetic surgery operations  
D731643 Bodily-fluid sampling device  
D731647 Syringe  
D731638 Nasal aspirator assembly  
D731660 Dental appliance  
D731668 Pipette  
D731666 Contoured electrical foot heating pad  
D731646 Combination sanitary napkin and panty  
D731663 Orthosis  
D731670 Pipette  
D731650 Pulltop lancet  
D731651 Medical device  
D731644 Sanitary napkin  
D731669 Pipette  
D731637 Earplug  
D731665 Foot sauna  
D731671 Microcuvette  
D731673 Multi-block PCR thermal cycler device