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D775724 Oral debris extractor  
D775728 Medical device handle  
D775729 Surgical needle device  
D775734 Electrosurgical generator  
D775738 Membrane card  
D775737 Hearing aid  
D775727 Grippers  
D775733 Breathing tube for lung diagnostics  
D775732 Bone plate  
D775730 Insertion tool for an implantable monitoring device  
D775722 Mask with snorkel  
D775736 Tonometer tip  
D775735 Apparatus for correcting hammer toe  
D775726 Toxicology cup lid  
D775323 Breathing mask  
D775358 Interface unit for hearing aids  
D775362 Green lip plumper  
D775344 Filter cartridge for welding respirator  
D775330 Graduated catheter  
D775351 Container for a pedicle screw  
D775341 Filtrating spike  
D775335 Multi-level surgical guide  
D775359 Dental blank holder  
D775346 Positive airway pressure delivery console  
D775334 Endoscope control grip  
D775355 Laparoscopic eye wiper  
D775324 Plunger and finger grip for a syringe  
D775365 Polymerase chain reaction instrument  
D775363 Molecular diagnostic system  
D775322 Respirator mask face seal with surface pattern  
D775336 Surgical fastener  
D775333 Open vessel sealer with mechanical cutter  
D775342 Liquid-free trap for trace level acidic and basic AMC and components thereof  
D775357 Ophthalmic lens  
D774908 Nozzle for syringe  
D775345 Ventilator console  
D775364 Blender  
D775337 Safety protector for tumor puncture  
D775353 Vertebral distraction device  
D775350 Breathing tube for lung diagnostics  
D775328 Needle protector support  
D775348 Breathing tube for lung diagnostics  
D775327 Sampling device  
D775360 Patient diagnostic medical device  
D775340 Device for protection against x-rays  
D775347 Breathing tube for lung diagnostics  
D775352 Limb stabilizer  
D775343 Pleated laboratory screen  
D775356 Instrument for measuring optical wave front  
D775325 Plunger and finger grip for a syringe