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D752220 Disposable tip  
D752224 MRI  
D752236 Non-invasive neurostimulation device  
D752226 Radiographic detector protector  
D752216 Electronic stethoscope  
D752240 Biomedical instrument  
D752231 Medical cart for auto transfusion  
D752212 Top sheet for a sanitary napkin  
D752232 Biopsy system console  
D752228 Base for humidifier reservoir for positive airway pressure delivery console  
D752208 Face mask  
D752222 Femoral prosthesis  
D752235 Skin tightening device  
D752205 Dry powder nebulizer device  
D751714 X-ray digital imaging device  
D751687 Tubing set  
D751695 Absorbent article with pattern  
D751722 Non-invasive neurostimulation device  
D751727 Tray support for chromatographic equipment  
D751704 Compact female urinary catheter  
D751709 Dental implant abutment  
D751726 Package  
D751728 Modular automated dispensing machine  
D751724 Massage roller  
D751723 Foot spa  
D751688 Tubing set interface  
D751711 MRI head neck chest coil  
D751718 Device for monitoring the movement of eyeball  
D751717 Controller for dental treatment  
D751703 Compact male urinary catheter  
D751715 Radiographic detector protector  
D751716 Intracorporeal artificial lung  
D751691 Housing for blood collection set  
D751689 Apparatus to control fluid flow through a tube  
D751725 Clinical analyzer  
D751698 Absorbent article with a pattern  
D751719 Foot and ankle stretcher  
D751697 Extra tabs diaper  
D751708 Straight interproximal dental tool with straight blade  
D751692 Tissue transfer apparatus  
D751712 X-ray digital imaging device  
D751721 Drop foot prevention device  
D751701 Sample collection assistance device  
D751693 Box for moxibustion  
D751705 Syringe  
D751694 Biological fluid collection device  
D751702 Monitor system for drug delivery  
D751696 Sanitary napkin  
D751720 Support strap  
D751710 X-ray shield