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D797291 Handle for surgical tool  
D797292 Prosthetic foot plate  
D797302 Dermatological treatment device  
D797286 Device and device body for mechanical fractional ablation of the skin  
D796979 Spectrophotometer  
D797300 Fastener for pacifier  
D797287 Skin treatment device  
D797275 Negative pressure wound therapy pump  
D797282 Syringe part  
D797284 Surgical forceps  
D797285 Suture cartridge  
D797296 Medical diagnostic device  
D797301 Smart fitness equipment  
D797290 Bone graft delivery tool  
D797293 Ear cleaning device  
D797297 Electrode  
D797298 Electrical migraine treatment device  
D797281 Main body for intradermal injection device  
D797289 Trocar needle  
D797278 Oral waterjets tooth cleaning implement  
D796688 Storage cassette  
D796671 Tissue mesher  
D796670 Syringe part  
D796501 Activity tracker band  
D796672 Introducer with trocar  
D796681 Electrode  
D796687 Basket  
D796669 Urinary catheter funnel  
D796679 Portable ultrasound device  
D796667 Tubing clip  
D796686 Ear magnetic clip for ear acupressure and auricular therapy application  
D796356 Module of an electronic personal training device  
D796678 Portable ultrasound device  
D796358 Biodetection system  
D796677 X-ray digital imaging device  
D796666 Extended enema device applicator  
D796675 Optical forceps  
D796359 Miniature spectrometer case  
D796668 Suction control valve  
D796673 Pincer style suture removal device with interlocking tabs  
D796664 Visual flow indicator rotating nebulizer  
D796674 Optical forceps  
D796676 Optical forceps  
D796680 Docking station for a hand held X-ray fluorescence (XRF) instrument  
D796357 Fluorometer  
D796683 Measuring instrument  
D796682 Sensor  
D796363 Fitness tracker  
D796685 Surgical drape  
D796737 Cleaning tablet