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D797921 Breathing apparatus  
D797948 Training apparatus  
D797944 Hands free breastfeeding aid  
D797918 Medical device control unit  
D797727 Wearable band display device  
D797942 Breath cartridge  
D797935 MRI compatible therapeutic gas injector module  
D797937 Slotted force washer  
D797936 Cuff pressure controller for a medical device  
D797932 Controller  
D797945 Head fixing device for medical apparatus  
D797939 Hearing aid BTE  
D797920 Inhaler  
D797929 Tip cap for fluid delivery device  
D797949 Patient remote  
D797947 Teething tube  
D797926 Absorbent article substrate with a pattern  
D797927 Male enteral tubing connector  
D797924 Medicine injector  
D797934 Spinal fusion implant  
D797923 Add-on for injector pen  
D797925 Absorbent article substrate with a pattern  
D797930 Speculum  
D797951 Massager  
D797540 Tool handle  
D797938 Hearing aid  
D797931 Gauge-integrated tweezers for teeth alignment  
D797946 Orthopedic walker  
D797587 Spectrophotometer  
D797952 Pool with a spa  
D797941 Dental vibration device  
D797728 Wearable band display device  
D797933 Light tunnel for electrosurgical pencil  
D797922 Spacer for inhaler  
D797473 Therapy mat  
D797919 Blood collection device  
D797950 Massage appliance  
D797928 Tip cap for fluid delivery device  
D797940 Hearing aid BTE  
D797943 Adhesive skin insulator  
D797288 Trocar  
D797283 Endoscope connector  
D797303 Body fluid testing cup  
D797299 Neonatal hand splint  
D797280 Catheter anchor pad with release layer  
D797277 Headgear for patient interface  
D797279 Syringe  
D797276 Aspirator head  
D797294 Self-ligating bracket  
D797295 Immunochromatographic test device