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D824026 Holder for single-use container  
D824040 Bottle  
D824015 Inhaler  
D824027 Fins for a support column for a surgical trajectory frame  
D824023 Injection device  
D824035 Portable traction device  
D824030 Valve membrane  
D824019 Inhaler  
D824031 Skin marker  
D824032 Radial arm support board  
D824037 Vibrating device  
D824039 Massage therapy device  
D824021 Face mask frame  
D824017 Inhaler  
D824014 Disposable kit for a dialysis machine  
D824022 Face mask cushion  
D824034 Biomonitoring interface device  
D824029 Dental detection equipment  
D824036 Massager  
D824020 Cushion assembly for breathing mask assembly  
D824018 Inhaler  
D824033 Measuring instrument for heart rate  
D824016 Inhaler  
D824025 Cross-holder for a container  
D824024 Container holder with a camera  
D824028 Radiofrequency treatment probe for treating vaginal laxity  
D824038 Male penile stimulation device  
D824042 Perforated cell encapsulation device  
D824041 Photometric reaction container  
D823462 Sperm sampler  
D823478 Portable massager  
D823471 MRI head coil apparatus  
D823479 Massager  
D823466 Tourniquet  
D823463 Frontal attachment for medical device  
D823461 Slimline syringe with offset needle retraction chamber and frontal attachment  
D823464 Drain holder  
D823474 Nippled top for a baby bottle  
D823472 MRI compatible therapeutic gas injector module  
D823476 Nozzle  
D823470 Reference array  
D823465 Endoscopic tool connector  
D823459 Medical injector  
D823469 Tooth cleaning appliance  
D823455 Cushion assembly for breathing mask assembly  
D823456 Control panel for infusion pump  
D823457 Blood collection tube holder with offset needle retraction chamber and frontal attachment  
D823473 Dental matrix ring  
D823458 Blood collection tube holder  
D823477 Massage device