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D807510 MRI compatible therapeutic gas delivery cart  
D807518 Padded tape  
D807496 Ear plug  
D807519 Garment  
D807501 Gastric feeding tube cover  
D807512 Sleep monitor  
D807517 Movement assistance device—foot orthotic component  
D807515 Manually manipulated therapeutic device  
D807507 Hand-held dental tool and removable soft tips  
D807505 Hand-held dental tool and removable soft tips  
D807509 Replaceable filter element  
D807525 Pipette  
D807500 Biological collection device  
D807513 Electronic visual display system  
D807403 Hand-operable vacuum pump  
D807516 Movement assistance device—thigh component  
D807503 Tip cap for fluid delivery device  
D807524 Sterilization container  
D807522 Luminaire for light treatments  
D806886 Heating pad  
D806891 Diagnostic card  
D806893 Protective cover  
D806660 Electromagnetic field apparatus  
D806888 Electronic meridian thermotherapy apparatus  
D806864 Disposable heel blood collecting device  
D806876 Scan post for dental implant  
D806861 Syringe for endoscope  
D806574 Packaging  
D806874 Optical dissector  
D806866 Sanitary napkin  
D806863 Injector device  
D806587 Salivary flow indicator device  
D806858 Inhaler  
D806868 Absorbent article with a pattern  
D806878 Magnetic resonance tomography diagnosis apparatus  
D806877 Mobile X-ray apparatus  
D806884 Therapeutic garment for patients with neuro-orthopedic diseases  
D806865 Sanitary article  
D806869 Absorbent article with a pattern  
D806860 Esophageal balloon  
D806862 Safety I.V. catheter  
D806589 Activity tracker  
D806889 Therapeutic ball-roller device  
D806362 Temperature management device  
D806887 Electronic meridian thermotherapy apparatus  
D806883 Supporter  
D806885 Handheld microporation device  
D806875 Bone mill  
D806880 Communications equipment  
D806563 Retrieval snare coil sleeve