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D812226 Heart valve prosthesis  
D812235 Temporary tattoo cover  
D812245 Dispenser module  
D812239 Configurable massage device  
D812221 Breaker for frangible component  
D812223 Finger flange  
D812218 Large volume pump  
D812231 Dental cart system  
D812244 Tube rack  
D812170 Leash cuff for water sports board leash  
D812243 Sample tube rack  
D812230 Dental milling machine  
D812220 Injection device  
D812228 Crown dowel  
D812241 Instrument module  
D812232 Glucose monitoring system  
D812222 Enteral feeding adapter  
D811585 Air removal device  
D811593 Ligation device  
D811581 Resistance breathing device  
D811612 Knee supporter  
D811599 Bracket for a sound processor and a coil  
D811579 Flex conduit for a breast pump  
D811589 Syringe  
D811580 Unidirectional valve for face mask  
D811584 Injector device  
D811596 Blood pressure monitor  
D811608 Probe for an ultrasonic diagnosis apparatus  
D811595 Negatoscope  
D811598 Portable automated external defibrillator  
D811615 Support patch  
D811609 Bandage clip  
D811606 Probe for an ultrasonic diagnosis apparatus  
D811583 Injector device  
D811582 Face mask  
D811613 Back brace with heating and vibration  
D811592 Tongue depressor  
D811591 Handle for use with a medical retrieval instrument  
D811587 Suction tip  
D811600 Dental tray  
D811604 Pressure detector for an extracorporeal circulation circuit  
D811251 Diagnostic analyzer  
D811607 Probe for an ultrasonic diagnosis apparatus  
D811605 Connector for probe for an ultrasonic diagnosis apparatus  
D811594 Harp wrist plate design  
D811602 Fetal heart rate doppler  
D811588 Cage for catheter pump  
D811610 Support patch  
D811590 Absorbent article  
D811616 Tube rack