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D822839 Baby bottle  
D822842 Massage sphere  
D822622 Controller housing  
D822835 Fitness monitor capsule  
D822203 Frontal geometry of a syringe  
D822216 Medical monitoring device  
D822201 Skin touch applicator  
D822210 Extended battery of a powered air purifying respirator  
D822193 Blower casing for respiratory assistance device  
D822198 Autoinjector with removable autoinjector cap  
D822209 Cover for cancer cell observation camera  
D822204 Injection apparatus  
D822199 Drug delivery implement  
D822214 Medical monitor  
D822221 Therapeutic massage device  
D822208 Cover for cancer cell observation camera  
D822194 Headgear assembly for breathing interface  
D822225 Device for analysis of biological sample  
D822224 Reagent kit with multiple bottles  
D822217 All-in-one pocket-sized vital-sign monitoring apparatus  
D822196 Oral irrigator  
D822223 Bioreactor  
D822211 Blood glucose meter  
D822213 Dental ring  
D822220 Teether mitten  
D821683 Confectionary piece  
D822197 On-body injector for drug delivery  
D822195 Medical mask  
D822205 Hygienic carrier  
D822207 Frenulum exercising tool  
D822215 Medical monitoring device  
D822218 Medical probe  
D822212 Connected mini blood glucose meter  
D822206 Surgical fastener  
D822222 Sample processing device  
D822202 Medical instrument  
D822200 Woundbag  
D822219 Adhesive foot support strap  
D822019 Module of personal lifestyle monitoring and management device  
D821574 Needle hub  
D821575 Needle cover  
D821567 Nasal spray apparatus  
D821596 Pad  
D821582 Component for X-ray detector  
D821591 Baby bottle  
D821607 Hood for a laboratory instrument  
D821588 Electrode patch array  
D821568 Face mask  
D821571 On-body injector for drug delivery  
D821604 Blister